Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"no more friends , huh ? " ...PARRRRRTY !

Instant coffee …instant pizza ..instant popcorn …instant *** … and presenting before you …. “INSTANT BREAK-UP”

“you didn’t call me … bye . We aren’t friends anymore”
“You talked to her ( the word talked carries the viciousness of ‘smooched’ )…bye !”
“you called me a @#!@$!%!# …bye ! “
“you cancelled my plan / didn’t praise my dress / flirted with my dog … blah blah “
End result ? no more friends anymore !

My response “Screw you….muuuuuuuuuah”  !
Seriously ..if you depth of friendship is so shallow that stupid things like these give you facial puffiness …take an anti-inflamatory drug and go to hell !
The point is …not to get WORRIED !If you give in for the first time … they immediately assume you are vulnerable and then ( consciously or subconsciously ) start using that as a weapon . And then small small things give you radar signals

“she didn’t smile at me this morning “ ( toothache ? bad breath ? hangover ?)
“he didn’t leave a seat for me” ( maybe he wanted a change of view ?)
“I called 3 times he didn’t pick up ! “ ( potty ? sleeping ? umm..other boyish activities ? )
“She never talked to me …she was looking In the opposite direction !” ( maybe she didn’t put her make-up ? has a new pimple ? forgot her eye lens ? )

The point Is …don’t give them “bhaav” . Now you’ll argue … they are my good friends ..I’ll lose them …oh cumon ! how does it matter if I put my ego aside this time ? …you can do this much for friends ? “

Oh gimme a break … ! ( during which …you can settle the halo on your head )
If they are your “good” friends…why the hell are they giving you this behind-the-back-emotional shit . why not talk face to face and clear the air ??
And the “ego” ?? before putting yours aside … just remove your rose tinted glasses and see the big huge mammoth sized ones your friend is hiding behind :-)

Babagiri begins …the funda is “screw people who try to make you unhappy “ . People with so much of attitude problem need to get themselves checked . And they will …don’t worry ….there will be always others who’ll show them the right shoe….oops ! …light , I mean !
PS : . Although in some cases , I plead guilty too …though I promise I am  trying to curb my primal instincts ( did u imagine a jumping monkey ?? or is it only me who does that whenever this phrase comes up ! )