Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fictitious or not ...

The other day I was immersed in my novel and pointedly ignoring everything around me , when ( as usual ) a head popped up , and was like “What you reading ?”
I showed the title , gave my lost/misty eyed expression . He still stood there ..
“fiction , huh ? “ ( condescending voice )

Which brings us to the problem , is fiction to be looked down upon .
I say , no !
Now ,look at it this way … you have an idea , suppose “naari shakti” ( woman power) .
( yeah yeah …as if they need more power ;-D )
Now , you can write an essay on it ..collect facts , data , statistics or simply write down your thoughts . It will become a book . Congrats !
But then , who’ll read it ? Let’s say 10% of  the intellectual ( or more likely the “pseudo” intellectual crowd ) . After that , it will probably be in a corner somewhere ,where children will pick it up when they have to make a school project on Indira Gandhi or Mother Teresa .
( Or maybe Sarah Paulin , hopefully ;-) )
OR OR OR you can write a story out of it . Add a bit of masala , organic seasoning , a lil’ tadka and present it .
It will SELL ! plus , your ideas will get across more effectively !
Isn’t that the point of writing ? To get your thoughts across …. ( or is it ? )

Actually , writing fiction is more difficult !
It’s easy to pen down your thoughts exactly as they come . But to formulate it into a story , make characters , design situations … need a wee bit of creativity there beta !
It’s exactly the difference between a movie and a documentary !
(Imagine watching a documentary on Hercules when you can have Brad Pitt in a skirt ;-))

Let’s not say that non-fiction books are inferior in any way . They are invaluable , but the power of fiction is not to be undermined too .
So , the next time you see someone with a novel in hand , instead of some heavy duty philosophy or one of those "self-help" books . Do not sneer …
For in the end , isn’t this entire world around us …nothing , but fiction :-D

( wah wah …admire the philosophical deep touch in the end ! )

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sorry for the delay , I have been whirling around for a while now :P

Yes , the charming , gracious , funny , smiling , content libras .
You’ll see one from far..and you’ll be like “ah ! everything’s all right “

The reason ? see that display of front teeth ..all joining together to form a smile .
It’s not over rated . Most of them are known to dazzle people with that thing ..and then . Ah ! people just fall over each other to attend to them ( or do they ? )

Which brings us back to another gift from the heavens . The powers of persuasion !
I dunno whether it’s their ‘balancing’ habit or what ! Sit with them , and they’ll talk to you , nod their heads and bat their eyelashes .
Before the talk is over’ll agree with them 102% . How can you not ! They have every side of the argument and give such logical solutions .
Solutions is not that accurate a term .Let’s say “philosophies of life “
These libras have this “babagiri” side . Try exploring it sometimes . They love to give you ‘marg –darshan’ and turn you towards the light ;-)

And yes , you can bow before them when it comes to asthetic sense ! They do have a particular taste n all . So the next time you go shopping , you know who to tag along .
( Btw , taureans would work too …but these people have some ‘classy’ thingie )
And a badly dressed libra …no no no !
Even the guys have this ‘dandy’ thing about them . ( Ah ! recall recall …each one has their own physical attributes girls go mad after ! )

And one of them has to be the SENSE OF SEXY HUMOUR .Without exception ,all of them have their own magical brands of this super power ;-)
(as if they needed any more seduction tools )

The BALANCING thing …I surrender !
Let’s balance this entire article , shall we ? Here comes the spice .
It can be a “little” exasperating at times ! You try to hold an argument , and by the time you end it don’t know which side are they on . They would have analysed the top ,bottom , left , right n centre of it !  *grumble*

The next hopelessly romantic sign after cancerians . Guess who ? *yes , they’ll have a twinkle in the eye and nod slowly*

And yes , please inform people before sliding into your ‘lazy’ moods ! Because maybe you don’t get it , it’s VERY DIFFICULT to dray you people once you comfortably settle in :-D
And ummm…you people do nag a lil’ at times…but who cares .
God gave you that smile to light up the world .

And then light up MANY hearts too , isn’t it ? ;-D

Friday, March 4, 2011


In a busy bazaar I walk
Oh , the noise and glitter around
No purpose , I am a window shopper
So many people and shops abound

Some shops I choose to venture into
The bad ones , I stand out n smile 
I see people bargaining and compromising
Glittering dresses blinding me or a while

Sometimes I am tired , I sit down
An old accquintance would come out of the crowd
Walk along the bazaar wimme
Until my spirit stands tall and proud

I meet new people milling around
Some hold my hands and walk together
And then leave , to look into a shop
Sometimes I meet them again somewhere

Some keep crossing me more frequently
And others just totally disappear
I keep walking along the busy bazaar
I am just a window shopper here …
                               Just a window shopper here …