Thursday, August 5, 2010


There was this kid I knew …
Really stupid he was 
All he wanted was love, love love
And that too without any cause

He’ll go around standing outside
And wave at strangers walking past
Laughing , jumping , hugging
Until they responded at last

Stupid jerk … he knew nothing at all
He’ll love whatever came by
Until the day … when he came back home
And I knew he was going to cry

It took him a long time to figure out
Those kisses were actually bites
The bruises just appeared later
And the sting made him cry at nights

My heart bled for him
And I took him inside 
Guarding the door myself
While he sat there and cried

Ah ! I protect him so well
I hit at strangers and stand tall
I throw their stuff back at them
So fast that they have to crawl

He’s sad inside ..and lonely
But I must hide him from view
Search within yourself guys
Maybe this kid lives in you too 
…………… Maybe this kid lives in you to


Remember the time when we sat
You held my hands , making me tremor
cuddled me and promised heartily
We’ll be like this forever and ever

Ah ! I was In bliss baby 
A short one , though 
You snatched your hands 
I fell , so strong was the blow

I tried so hard to hold you back 
Dazed …I coaxed and pleaded
You left nevertheless , head high
I closed my eyes , until the pain receeded

I thought I’ll intense was the pain
Yet , I opened my eyes and stared
There were people around , smiling
As I lay there ..with my heart bared

I got up…and stumbled at first
Slowly..painfully started limping
It took some time …but I did walk 
and now I thought of stopping

look at me , I stand embracing life
You taught me how to bear it all
Guess what ? I bounced back 
Stronger than before the fall

Ah ! I spy something
Your shadow…lurking around
I look at you ..and then smile
Get lost ! there’s nothing here to be found
…nothing here to be found