Thursday, August 5, 2010


Remember the time when we sat
You held my hands , making me tremor
cuddled me and promised heartily
We’ll be like this forever and ever

Ah ! I was In bliss baby 
A short one , though 
You snatched your hands 
I fell , so strong was the blow

I tried so hard to hold you back 
Dazed …I coaxed and pleaded
You left nevertheless , head high
I closed my eyes , until the pain receeded

I thought I’ll intense was the pain
Yet , I opened my eyes and stared
There were people around , smiling
As I lay there ..with my heart bared

I got up…and stumbled at first
Slowly..painfully started limping
It took some time …but I did walk 
and now I thought of stopping

look at me , I stand embracing life
You taught me how to bear it all
Guess what ? I bounced back 
Stronger than before the fall

Ah ! I spy something
Your shadow…lurking around
I look at you ..and then smile
Get lost ! there’s nothing here to be found
…nothing here to be found 


  1. Eh ... was jst going thru the older posts . I wonder , why there are no comments here :PP ... these r even better ..heheh