Thursday, December 31, 2009


It seems yesterday that I was there
Standing in my green-blue tie
Proudly reciting “We will answer….”
My god ! where did time fly ?

Finishing up tiffins in first half
Snatching and begging at the canteen
Ban-chole; patties; samose
Collecting ‘chillar’ for ice-cream

Bunking in the back-field
Dispensary ; water-cooler ; hindi music room
Even the toilet would do
Until the VP came along to spell ‘doom’

Class mein hoti thi ‘chalk-fights’
Bina baat ke b’day manana was fun
Jumping on tables ; banging desks
Sleeping on the last bench jab bhi karta mann

Screaming together for Francis
We had to cheer THE LOUDEST
Even if the show was flop ;-)

SFC ki stage ;wo play ki practice
House matches ke liye bajti taaliyan
P.T. periods ke liye bheek mangna
Library mein padti wo gaaliyan

Grooming ourselves for class photos
After school…GC ke rounds
Remember…independence and Republic days ?
Every year soemone would faint in the grounds !

We all all so far away now…
But our hearts are there…standing tall
We are united under you SFC
“We will answer when duty shall call”
We will answer when duty shall call…….

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I never thought that I’ll see the day when my parents will dance on stage together . But apparently He had kept this surprise in store for me .
I loved it . It was so fun . You know , when I say ( or used to say ) that my parents can’t dance …u must believe me . They couldn’t ! I nearly rolled on the floor when I heard the news .
I can still remember ! For two long months , papa shutting his clinic early and running towards the practice hall . Mom desperately trying to find all the songs involved so that they could practice at home . Dad trying to jump to the beat , mum trying to shake her waist … kisi ke expressions nahi aate the … koi ulti direction mein bhagne lagta tha . It was the most hilarious thing I had ever seen live !
But dood …they proved me wrong ! ( and I am so glad they did ) . They wrote down the songs …set the songs as their caller tunes …they’d practice before the choreogrpaher would enter . And keep going n inside the kitchen…the bedroom…the dinning hall ( u can fill the gaps yourself ) .
And the night they performed . WOW ! It was fun being backstage . Renu aunty kept going over the steps again n agin .. Mom became quiet tries a last practice ( and got the steps wrong ) ..ashutosh uncle was so enthusiaastic , he was smiling 100 watt . sharad uncle kept deciding as to who will give the prompts on stage …It was like seeing a bunch of kids going for their first performance .
I ran up and down carrying the dandia sticks , the dresses …helping them change …stood next to the stage when they were performing . I gave renu aunty a full-blown smile when she looked at me ( and she later told me how relieved she felt after that )
Sometimes the crowd won’t cheer…I had to scream first , to make them follow . And by the time it ended …you should have seen the happiness on everyone’s faces . I wanted to scream , “That’s my mummy ….that’s my papa”
And what with their photo in the paper next day…it was as if the gods were indeed smiling .

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The year gone by ...

2009 is over …it came , it stayed and now bye-bye . So the important point is ..what did we learn out of it ? I for once , learnt A LOT !
I learnt confidence ..i learnt to bleieve in God ..i learnt to love everyone around me ..I learnt not to let situations and people rule over me ! Last year had been CRAP …lots of things had been going wrong from january till december . So 2009 had started off with a lot of expectations and apprehesions .
I dunno where did all those apprehensions emerge from ? Insecurity ? maybe … my own rigid foolish pointless “PRINCIPLES” …my self-thought MEANINGS of certain things in life …which was all total rubbish ( now that I think of it ! )
Another important thing I learnt this year was “acceptance” . Not accpeting any person or situation …but accpeting youself “AS YOU ARE” . Your ggod habits , bad habits ..good and evil traits are all a part of you …till the time you keep denying a “part” of you , you can’t be happy ever !
And stop “categorizing” people …it’s unhealthy and totally POINTLESS ! Love all those who want to be loved by you . Ignore those who don’t want you . just love the world in general…it isn’t that bad a place :-D
Stop “expecting” …it hurts ! god has given us 2 legs...2 hands…I brain …and 1 heart . Be independent …it saves time ! if you “EXPECT” others to do soemthing and they don’t do it …you get hurt , u feel bad…blah blah blah ! if someone does soemthing for you …be grateful towards them . But if they don’t ..make sure you go and do it for yourself ( instead of sitting and sulking )
And over all …love yourself …and believe in HIM . Everything that happens …happens so that we learn soemthing . Amen ! happy new year … :-D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

GAYS : legalized ..yes ! but accepted ? NO !

Recognition and acceptance are two different words
Oh yes ...the big step has finally been taken . LGBTs are finally recognized citizens of India ( not criminals ) , with full liberty to exercise their choices and sexuallity . Heart felt congratulations from my side . But , this is just a first step .... a LOT more needs to be done . Infact , the war has just begun . The High Court has just saved LGBTs from prosecution and harassment from the police . But this country is not just about "police" or "laws" . India is about cultures , people , beliefs and traditions . Just because somehting has been declared legal does not mean that it will be "accepted" . And as far as acceptance is concerned ...homosexuallity has a long way to go .
Tell an indian , "that guy is a gay" . And the first image that will pop in his mind is of an ugly eunch wearing a shing saree , clapping his hands and begging for money at a wedding . Leaving out a small percentage of "urban class" people ...that is the reaction you will get from majority of the crowd . Most people are hesitant when it comes to discussing the subject ...they find it too ......bizarre ( for want of a better term ) . A few sneer at it , abusing and critisizing homosexuals as freaks of nature . Others find it a very comic subject . Gays are the "soft target" when it comes to jokes . just because they dress differently ( which is just an assumption ) , act a little feminine ( again ....not neccesarily applicable to all ) and are soft and polite ....they become the natural target . Oh did we miss the main point .... they love men ! Oh my God ....what more could you ask for ?
Then again comes the "cultural" aspect . Hail India ! This is not our culture . Fine , I agree . Could you please tell me , where does this culture go when Children leave their aged parents in old-age homes ? Where does this culture go when temples and masjids are destroyed in the name of religion ? When foreign tourists are raped and molested ? When wives are burnt for dowry ?When women are declared witches and paraded naked in villages ? When parents sell their daughters for money ? When infant girls are killed in the womb ?When kids as young as 14 and 15 start smoking ? Drinking ? And I ask you .....who decides what IS our culture actually ? Homosexualltiy is NOT A VIRUS that has been transmitted from foreign countries . It has existed for centuries and will continue to exist .It is not a part of our society because it has been suppressed for ages . Because it has been labeled as a "crime" , a "curse" , a kind of contaminating disease . These people have not come out for ages because they were afraid of ridicule ...of embarassement and social stigma . Read ur ancient texts and people will come to know as to what is our culture and what is not ?
But the basic question remains .......WHY this discrimination ? What have these people done to invite such disgust ? They love people of their own sex....anything else ? Just because hetrosexuallity is MORE COMMON...does not means it's normal . Do they go and rape people ? Do they go and create riots ? Do they pass anti-religious slogans ? Do they divide the country into pieces ? Ask for a separate land ?
Form a terrorist group ? The answer is NO ! They live peacefully ....and most of them are gentle , sensitive , loving poeple . That in turn makes them a prime target for most of the peole to vent out their frustation .
A small plea from my side .....let them live . See them as your equal. Don't pity them or tolerate them . Accept them as a normal person with sexual feelings different from yours . He or she might be your hairdresser , your dress designer , your best friend , your employee or heck ! your own child . Look upon them as gifted and talented people sent by God to make this world a more beautiful place . They have had enough of public harassment , enough of merciless teasing and sarcasm , enough of crying on their pillows , enough of feeling ashamed of themselves . Give them the "acceptance" ....and the courage to come out and be themselves . God created them this way , and He never does things without a reason ..... isn't it ?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

gf + booze + clubbing = life . RIGHT ????

Everyday I see people around me …
“When are you going clubbing next ? “
“Dude , wana booze tonight ? “
“God ! I need ac …it’s so hot . how can anyone survive without ac ? “
“Shit man …my GF is not talking/upset/angry with me”
This is the case with 90% of “our generation” people . This is what LIFE is all about . This is the age when we can enjoy , right people? So why waste this time ?
I beg to differ …in the last one month I met with some incidents which completely altered me from within . Earlier , I used to see all this as fun …but I can’t now ..i’ll narrate the incidents …you can decide for yourself .
PLACE : *orkut*
There is this group of kids sitting on the floor . Some studying , some playing , some picking at their noses . All of them look so happy , so content .
They’ll wash their own plates ( and yours too…if you ask them ! ) , they’ll offer you a bite before they dig into their own plates , they make their beds before going to school and always switch off the electricity .
Who would say that they are orphans ? Who would say that God has taken away their most precious gift , parents …I saw it people . The way they’ll cuddle up next to you ,the way they look at you when you pat their heads , the way they soemtimes irritate you just to catch your attention .They are so unpretentious … so honest ….they don’t know how to act ! You can see how desperate are they for love … and they’ll shower you with love too …just extend your hand :-)
I went to this old-age-home ….so serene and quiet . This little lady came to us and talked and smiled ….she took photos with us and kept waving until we left .
Such happiness ! I never realized how a person’s company can actually make others happy . I can’t expalin fully ….I feel bad , these people must have had children , they must have dreamed of a nice comfortable old age….and now , they are there all alone . Oh yes ! They have other people there …but look at their eyes …they are all alone !
I saw disabled kids too . Fighting , struggling …..people might think that they are DISABLED …I think they are blessed ! So that they can’t see the ugly ugly world !
And then I think ….here are we . Cribbing about girl-friends ( whom we are going to BREAK UP with after few months ) , drowning liquor , dancing in clubs , smoking , demanding form our parents , spending money on i-pods and cars and bikes .
It just makes me sad …ver ver sad . This “irony” of life .
I see these kids ….they are the ones whp have a RIGHT to be sad . And yet ..they are not . They CHEERFULLY fight LIFE !
It is these rich brats who are DEPRESSED , UPSET , FRUSTAED ….do drugs and go to psyachatrists !
Maybe it’s time we all re-evalute our way of thinking ! I already have .. What about you ?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"TWILIGHT" .....ripped apart for you

OK…I plead guilty . I have read only the first book ( if it hadn’t been for the headache it gave me…MAYBE I could have gone further )

I grew up with Bram Stoker and Anne rice people ….vampires , mansions , the cloaks , the opening of the coffins , the sheer romance and elegance of the evil .
So , forgive me ….i find it a BIT DIFFICULT to accept these “new age vampies” . Chikne little twinks roaming aorund the streets …sucking rabbits and bears and I dunno what else … falling in love with skinny anemic high school girls and driving high speed cars … ! It kind of damages the entire “vampire” aura .

They live in open air highly ventillated houses ( YIKES ! allergic to wooden coffins people ? ) …feed on animal blood ( turned veggie , huh ? )… wear jerseys and sweat-shirts and high necked sweaters ( she could have put in sherwani too … wouls have added on to the IMAGE ) …and listen to their girl friends talking in sleep ( FOR CHRIST’S SAKE …are you a vampire or a voyeur ? ) . Next thing you know , they’ll open up a chain of fast-food-blood-banks !
To add up to it …they get the humnas pregnant too ( Wo baby ! and we are still meddling around with genetic engineering ) …somehow werewolves also creep in and the entire palce starts resembling DISNEY LAND ( I wonder if someone will transorm into RAKHI SAWANT also …that should add to the scary quotient) .

The end result …the book is a scary/tragedy/love/fantasy …all rolled into one .

OK …we can stil tolerate that PROVIDED the girls can be a BIT quiet ...
“Edward Cullen ….aaaaaaaaaa”

OMG …Edward Cullen wallpapers , pillows , t-shirts …grrrrrrr .

They are putting us Harry Potter fans to shame I think . Well ….Carry on . The only problem is , if they get too much carried away BOYS will have a very HIGH STANDARD to compete with ( start sharpening your teeth.....ummm your abillities )

ADVICE ...1. next time you meet your girl-friend try kissing her on the neck first…that will excite her faster
2.Don’t ask “What’s your sun sign or favourite movie or hobbies ?” . Just go on straight away to “What’s you blood group ?” …They’ll fall in for you more easily !

Monday, November 30, 2009


Ever felt like "tearing your hair" ?
Are you one of those who were born into a "sensible" category and yet have to adjust to the "society" around you ?
Are there times when you feel like murdering/puking/laughing/biting the person in front of you ( and yet you have a smile plastered on your face) .
Lolzz ....I can so visuallize you right now ....stop nodding that head so vigourously now sonnny boy ( or girl ) ...thou art saved !
welcoem to this blog ...we promise ( actually's just me alone ) to bring various sections of society into spot-light ....with the extra "TADKA" added of'course ...