Thursday, December 3, 2009

gf + booze + clubbing = life . RIGHT ????

Everyday I see people around me …
“When are you going clubbing next ? “
“Dude , wana booze tonight ? “
“God ! I need ac …it’s so hot . how can anyone survive without ac ? “
“Shit man …my GF is not talking/upset/angry with me”
This is the case with 90% of “our generation” people . This is what LIFE is all about . This is the age when we can enjoy , right people? So why waste this time ?
I beg to differ …in the last one month I met with some incidents which completely altered me from within . Earlier , I used to see all this as fun …but I can’t now ..i’ll narrate the incidents …you can decide for yourself .
PLACE : *orkut*
There is this group of kids sitting on the floor . Some studying , some playing , some picking at their noses . All of them look so happy , so content .
They’ll wash their own plates ( and yours too…if you ask them ! ) , they’ll offer you a bite before they dig into their own plates , they make their beds before going to school and always switch off the electricity .
Who would say that they are orphans ? Who would say that God has taken away their most precious gift , parents …I saw it people . The way they’ll cuddle up next to you ,the way they look at you when you pat their heads , the way they soemtimes irritate you just to catch your attention .They are so unpretentious … so honest ….they don’t know how to act ! You can see how desperate are they for love … and they’ll shower you with love too …just extend your hand :-)
I went to this old-age-home ….so serene and quiet . This little lady came to us and talked and smiled ….she took photos with us and kept waving until we left .
Such happiness ! I never realized how a person’s company can actually make others happy . I can’t expalin fully ….I feel bad , these people must have had children , they must have dreamed of a nice comfortable old age….and now , they are there all alone . Oh yes ! They have other people there …but look at their eyes …they are all alone !
I saw disabled kids too . Fighting , struggling …..people might think that they are DISABLED …I think they are blessed ! So that they can’t see the ugly ugly world !
And then I think ….here are we . Cribbing about girl-friends ( whom we are going to BREAK UP with after few months ) , drowning liquor , dancing in clubs , smoking , demanding form our parents , spending money on i-pods and cars and bikes .
It just makes me sad …ver ver sad . This “irony” of life .
I see these kids ….they are the ones whp have a RIGHT to be sad . And yet ..they are not . They CHEERFULLY fight LIFE !
It is these rich brats who are DEPRESSED , UPSET , FRUSTAED ….do drugs and go to psyachatrists !
Maybe it’s time we all re-evalute our way of thinking ! I already have .. What about you ?


  1. Something similar happened with me Akshay...The last two years made me realize humans should be renamed COMPLAIN BOXES...they just find ways to complain....dard kya hota hai..dukh kya hota hai...wo in bacchho se pooche koi...bina parents ka bachpan...soch ke bhi darr lagta hai...Even if i thank God every second of my life...wont be able to thank him enough for what he has given me...

  2. exaactly ... let's hope ppl undestand dis soon enuf :-)

  3. Truly inspiring.witty sense of humour to connect with :D