Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The year gone by ...

2009 is over …it came , it stayed and now bye-bye . So the important point is ..what did we learn out of it ? I for once , learnt A LOT !
I learnt confidence ..i learnt to bleieve in God ..i learnt to love everyone around me ..I learnt not to let situations and people rule over me ! Last year had been CRAP …lots of things had been going wrong from january till december . So 2009 had started off with a lot of expectations and apprehesions .
I dunno where did all those apprehensions emerge from ? Insecurity ? maybe … my own rigid foolish pointless “PRINCIPLES” …my self-thought MEANINGS of certain things in life …which was all total rubbish ( now that I think of it ! )
Another important thing I learnt this year was “acceptance” . Not accpeting any person or situation …but accpeting youself “AS YOU ARE” . Your ggod habits , bad habits ..good and evil traits are all a part of you …till the time you keep denying a “part” of you , you can’t be happy ever !
And stop “categorizing” people …it’s unhealthy and totally POINTLESS ! Love all those who want to be loved by you . Ignore those who don’t want you . just love the world in general…it isn’t that bad a place :-D
Stop “expecting” …it hurts ! god has given us 2 legs...2 hands…I brain …and 1 heart . Be independent …it saves time ! if you “EXPECT” others to do soemthing and they don’t do it …you get hurt , u feel bad…blah blah blah ! if someone does soemthing for you …be grateful towards them . But if they don’t ..make sure you go and do it for yourself ( instead of sitting and sulking )
And over all …love yourself …and believe in HIM . Everything that happens …happens so that we learn soemthing . Amen ! happy new year … :-D

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