Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jockey ,huh ? I got Calvin Klein !

The above heading typically describes symptoms of what I call “Comparison syndrome”
( Yes , I have seen enough cases of this to actually declare it a syndrome ! )

So , it starts like this . Do you have a friend who turns and adjusts his/her radar as soon as you mention some earthly possession of yours ?
Example :
 “Dood , I bought a new watch/underwear/eraser/camera/ear phones”
 “I love this man … I got it for my birthday”
“Hey , look isn’t this awesome ?”
“Hey , I had an awesome day today “
“Dood … the best food I’ve ever had ! “

At this point he/she will squint their eyes at you .. raise their chin by an inch and declare
“ huh ! This ? Please dood … I got one of these signed by Paris Hilton”
“outing , huh ? I went to Pluto last month man ! To ski around … “
“Oh man …you should go to my home/my roadside stall/my personal limousine kitchen , if you wana have good food ! “

Forgive my exaggerations …but I daresay you got the idea !
I mean to say “WHY !!! WHY !!!”

We humbly accept the fact that you have a hidden treasure left behind by your ancestors ; your share of property in Swarg-Loka ; magical maps to awesome places only you know about ; your personal army of house elves …or just a  horde of hand stitched sophisticated Prada space suits .
Now please let us mortals live …

Once , it’s okay ( I mean come on…who dosen’t show off ! ) but the chronic cases of this syndrome tend to develop symptoms at every possible exposure to the “opportunity” antigen .

I mean , after a point of time…it’s just LAME .
And in your mind ,you are like “leave it…can’t help this one !”
You think twice about sharing a news ( “huh ? You sister getting married ? Mine got divorced three times already “ )
You avoid colliding with them ( “oh ! what are you wearing ? tch … I have one of these in all 7 rainbow colours )
And I’ve had several parties spoilt ( “I did this…that..those ….these )

And I’ve researched , trying to find a plausible solution … with countless hours of agony that I had to go through with .
There dosen’t seem to be any … next time you want to vaccinate someone with Comparison Syndrome
1.Be direct and tell them to lay off  ( in your face ! )
2.Avoid , if you can . Stuff your mouth with something , talk to someone else or just  discuss the weather ( unless they live in Hawai , I doubt they can exaggerate much on that topic )
3.Accquire a moderate form of the syndrome yourself and give them a dosa…oops ! dose of their own medicine .
4. Pray , it always helps :D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Thanks to booboo for the idea .
ps - I love you :D :D

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A story titled "ramyana" ..

It’s 1am and I’ve just finished 6 parts of Ramayana today .
And here I am , wide awake …replaying the entire epic in my mind

Ramayana always meant something special to me . I never saw it on tv…or read it .My entire knowledge of it ( and quite a substantial one at that ) came from what I heard from my nani’s mother …
She was frail , ancient , always wrapped in a spotless white sari . And somehow the story she narrated stuck with me . I don’t remember the words ..or the expressions ..or where did she tell it .
But the Ramayana I have always known …is her Ramayana .

So when I picked up this series ..I was excited . To see as to how much of my memory actually adhered to the main story .
Halfway through , I was lost …in an ecstasy so divine I could feel it pulsating in my brain  .
For it is a book of idealism …which shows you that if you are right …NOTHING …and I repeat ,nothing can touch you.
It is your faith in yourself and your principles that brings you victory .

Dasaratha , the ancient legendary warrior king fighting a losing battle between his ‘dharma’ and his love for his sons ( and wives )
Kaushalya , the kshatriya queen who bears it all with grace .
Kaikeyi , the warrior queen … assertive , proud , untamed . and yet a mother misled by those around her .
Manthara , the shrewd selfish cunning wielder of words ( and power )

Lakshman , the fighter ..who holds his head high . and love for his brother utmost .
Sita , the warrior princess who upholds her honour , dignity and her conviction for her husband .No matter what crosses her path !
Hanuman , the witty , all powerful  , braveheart who serves his Lord with a devotion so strong .. it manifests as his own shakti !
Jambhvan , the age old wise bear who watches it all with sad eyes and lends a hand to those lost around him .

Ravana , a maharishi in Himself . The sage…the sinner…the artist..the warrior…the just…the cunning … the master strategist ..the impulsive punisher .
Mandodhari , beautiful , serene , head-strong … knowing her place in the palace and yet ruling it all with an iron fist !
Suparnakha , the sexy lusty revengeful yaksi-rakshasi …ever on the lookout .

So many …so many more of them . Each character is a book in itself !
As you see the internal politics … the bravery ..the loyalty … the treachery ….every element of drama that unfolds …
You will realize that the book is all about how you FACE your fears . How it is easy to slip on the wrong path …and yet everyone has the inner courage to stick to what they believe is right .
How an army of puny vanars and bears went clashing against the mighty asuras .
Based on just the ove and devotion for that one figure , Rama
Read it … I am out of words to express what I want to . But you will realize it once your turn the pages …

And as far as Rama is concerned … I can’t ( or rather , won’t )describe him
For to all of us … He is what we want Him to be …
“Jai siyaram ”

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bandh ghunghroo sochti hoon

Kis dhun pe nachoon aaj
bandh ghughroo sochti hoon main
Nayno mein kajar ki dhaar
Palkon ko jhuka sochti hoon main

Cham cham kar payal bajaoon
Toh koi kayal nahi hota
Rang-mahal mein baith akeli
Main swaym dhun ramti hoon

Jo kar sringaar raas rachaoon
Toh raskion se ghir jaati hoon
Kuch palon ka jamavda hai
Fir rang manch se gir jaati hoon

Nachoon main uski bhakti mein
Toh baavri kah pukaarte hai
Jo ban bhavani karoon tandav
Toh bhay se kap-kapa jaate hain

Kis dhun pe nachoon sochti hoon main..
Bandh ghungroo sochti hoon main …