Sunday, January 23, 2011


Scene (repeated umpteenth time ):
Dood x – “ Hey …what’s your caste ?”
I – “ ummm…why ?”
Dood x – “just wanted to know …you just , just like that “
The following 10 mins. are taken up by a lengthy discussion of my ancestral origins . It ultimately ends in me getting compared to Imran khan from “jaane tu ya jaane na” and I am asked if I have to do all that that he had to do in the movie ..
( yeah ..imagine me on a horse…or hitting a guy…food for laughter  ? )

Which brings us back to the main issue ?
Yes …people do look upon caste even today .And by people I mean …people of my generation .
We are very quick to say that we are progressing…progressing where , I ask you ?
Going to the pubs…drinking….drugs … live-ins ?
And yet …tiny lil’ things like ‘caste’ and superstitions keep tugging on our armada pants.
Or turn to the “matrimony section” …Sunday newspaper… funny but enlightning .

Scene II :
Dood x – “We went to this guy’s funeral or something …we must come back and take a bath and throw away the clothes “
I conveyed the idea to my mom . Who , is turn gave me a 15 mins. lecture on how we have to deal with cadavers every day  and I’d dare not do all that !

Scene III :
Dood y- “hey , I am not worried at all . The boss is from my caste/village …I am sure I’ll get a promotion “
(question : Ever been to you village ma’cheire ? )

Scene IV :
One of my friends was getting married . The guy …typical dream Indian groom .
( IIT …IIM …6 figure salary )
The mother-in-law , “ now , it wouldn’t look good if the bahu goes outside and works “
This , considering..that my friend had qualifications almost equal to the sonny boy !

Scene V :
Dood z- “ummm ….hey I can’t eat non-veg. or drink today…it’s some auspicious day”
This .. considering that , the guy is a regular drinker …chops non veg. like anything …and CANNOT RECALL the last time he went to the temple .
Funny , our modern age corporate bachcha log turning into ‘agyakaari’ ( obedient ) lil’ mumma’s boys .. it makes them feel good …as if they are still tradition bound .
Trust me , God won’t mind …

Liberated , are we ?
Somehow people want to follow Amrikkan culture ( hell ! amrikkan movies …shows…songs …brands…daaru  )
What we don’t realize is …we are just picking up the wrong points from their culture as well .
->Agreed , the teenagers over there lead a more independent life . And probably a lot less restrictions . But then , most of them move out of the house … start living n earning …by the time they are twenty something .
We , sitting on our couches..revelling in mummy-ka-pyaar , and demanding the same luxuries … ( did anyone say ‘unfair’ ? )
->live-ins ! ahhhh….
Yes , steal it from the Amrikans . Next time , check out the divorce rates too ( oh another field in which we are moving ahead btw )

Yes , we do have a lot of ‘bad points’ in our esteemed Indian culture .
We , as the coming up generation can keep an open outlook …can’t we ? that will a certain extent ..
So , the next time someone asks you your caste , tell them ,
“Dood ….I know it . and that’s enough .”

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"I ...I....I...I "

When the creators of English language invented this little alphabet between “h” and “j” , they probably had no idea as to how big the consequences are going to be .
This tiny little “I” has had histories written behind it , wars fought over it …and let’s say quite a few no. of breakups ( now that aroused your interest , dincha ? )

Scene I :
Me – “ Dood , you know there is this place …”
Guy x –“man ! I went there ….and I did that..and I own Bill Gates’ toilet papers  
Scene II :
Me – “ have you read that particular book ? “
Guy y- “Hey , I read this …and I went to that movie …and I had piles operation ! “
*blah  blah blah blah blah blah *

If your power of observations are intact …notice that in each case , the conversation deviates from the original point ( duration lasting 10 mins. to half-hour )
By the end of which I get totally thrown off the point
And in the end , I just sit mouthing “…you…you”
( and then comes the classic line , “Hey , I am only doing all the talking man !”. and THAT smug look !  )

Which brings us to the crucial point … it’s a very good thing to have self respect and an even better thing to have opinions .
But ,didn’t mummy teach you ..there is a time and place for everything ?

This sudden urge to reveal one’s talents and achievements ( and toiletry habits…and daily routine…and chaddhi size …and God knows what not ! ) can lead to extreme boredom on the listener’s part ….not to mention daydreaming and an instant desire to bang heads ?
So , the next time you are sitting in a group …think ….observe …look around .
Are people there interested in you ? is there a dearth of sensible/gossip/perverted topics  ? do any one of them look like they have coconuts for brains ?
If the answer to any to of the  above two  is ‘YES” …then go ahead , you have my blessings , start blabbering about your charismatic personallity .

If your inner self still feels unexpressed and lonely ….be like me ! and start blogging .
No better way to boast and throw your weight  around ;-D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ah ! We wait for it all along
Looking for a proper reason
Something huge to come along
A big gift…a festive occasion

Smile when you catch a running bus
Lying in your nani’s lap
Enjoy the childishness of ice-creams
Splashing water from the tap

Your favourite song playing loudly
Jumping in puddles on a rainy day
The warm filter coffee in hand
Hands smeared with wet clay

If you wait for happiness…you’ll keep waiting
It comes in small packages everyday
Accept them and hug them hard
Life’s too short to let our hair turn gray …. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

I wish I was normal ...

Sometimes I wish , I was normal
Ah …to blend with the crowd
Not to be made to stand out
I wish I wasn’t so loud ..

I could’ve led a ‘normal’ life
Been one of those never discovered
Nobody would have minded that
All my faults would’ve been covered

They wouldn’t stare at me
Point those fingers n snigger
Wouldn’t treat me differently
I wouldn’t have been the gossip trigger

Not to fight everyday and lie
To deceive and cheat people around
Just a merry , regular life to live
I’d be another dust piece on the ground

But no…he twisted my brain
Ah ! gifted me and sent me down
I live and dance and smile
When all you people do is frown ….