Thursday, January 20, 2011

"I ...I....I...I "

When the creators of English language invented this little alphabet between “h” and “j” , they probably had no idea as to how big the consequences are going to be .
This tiny little “I” has had histories written behind it , wars fought over it …and let’s say quite a few no. of breakups ( now that aroused your interest , dincha ? )

Scene I :
Me – “ Dood , you know there is this place …”
Guy x –“man ! I went there ….and I did that..and I own Bill Gates’ toilet papers  
Scene II :
Me – “ have you read that particular book ? “
Guy y- “Hey , I read this …and I went to that movie …and I had piles operation ! “
*blah  blah blah blah blah blah *

If your power of observations are intact …notice that in each case , the conversation deviates from the original point ( duration lasting 10 mins. to half-hour )
By the end of which I get totally thrown off the point
And in the end , I just sit mouthing “…you…you”
( and then comes the classic line , “Hey , I am only doing all the talking man !”. and THAT smug look !  )

Which brings us to the crucial point … it’s a very good thing to have self respect and an even better thing to have opinions .
But ,didn’t mummy teach you ..there is a time and place for everything ?

This sudden urge to reveal one’s talents and achievements ( and toiletry habits…and daily routine…and chaddhi size …and God knows what not ! ) can lead to extreme boredom on the listener’s part ….not to mention daydreaming and an instant desire to bang heads ?
So , the next time you are sitting in a group …think ….observe …look around .
Are people there interested in you ? is there a dearth of sensible/gossip/perverted topics  ? do any one of them look like they have coconuts for brains ?
If the answer to any to of the  above two  is ‘YES” …then go ahead , you have my blessings , start blabbering about your charismatic personallity .

If your inner self still feels unexpressed and lonely ….be like me ! and start blogging .
No better way to boast and throw your weight  around ;-D


  1. super duper LIKE!!! and the most awesome start :)!!

  2. this makes me wonder how much 'blah!blah!' I did with u;-)
    And most people in the world consider conversation to be all about other people listening to u...
    Thankfully...I like to listen more:-)
    Hopefully u meet more people like me*waise fat chance of that..but still...wishful thinking;-)*

  3. @sanyO - oh baybee ! wait till I publish a book *fingers crossed8 . Your name is going up in the "dedicated to' section ;-D

    @suruchi - hum aapki isi adaa ke toh kaayal hai :*

  4. If there were no 'i' in between 'h' and 'j', people would have died of boredom. Though there won't be road rage and khap cases but there would also not be shops for fashion items, saas-bahu serials, and of course the blah-blah.
    So, dear, have two 'i's if you can.

  5. yessss....that way...only people who really want to hear you out will listen...and plenty will be saved from being bored to death!! ;) :D

  6. @rkp - hmmm , but the "i" can be kept "I"nside , no ? why do people have to shove their "I"s into our eyes ?? :-D

  7. @shivankar - exxxactly ? especially saare girl-friends waale kisse ....grrrrrr ! ;-D