Friday, January 7, 2011

I wish I was normal ...

Sometimes I wish , I was normal
Ah …to blend with the crowd
Not to be made to stand out
I wish I wasn’t so loud ..

I could’ve led a ‘normal’ life
Been one of those never discovered
Nobody would have minded that
All my faults would’ve been covered

They wouldn’t stare at me
Point those fingers n snigger
Wouldn’t treat me differently
I wouldn’t have been the gossip trigger

Not to fight everyday and lie
To deceive and cheat people around
Just a merry , regular life to live
I’d be another dust piece on the ground

But no…he twisted my brain
Ah ! gifted me and sent me down
I live and dance and smile
When all you people do is frown ….


  1. haha...Last para Kills me!!! :)

  2. So glad to see this here Akshay n equally glad that we can finallyyyyyyy comment:-)
    Though we so wish you would remain as not-‘normal’ as you are...
    Coz you rock like this:-)

  3. ah ! *thousand volt smile on my face* :-D