Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So , I was reading one of these self “help” books recently
*yes , I am that jobless *
And it suddenly struck me … There has been a total reversal .

Remember the good old days . When we were all taught to be ‘humble’ and ‘simple’ ( read …more like ‘drab’ ) …and don’t blow your trumpet .
Going to the beauty saloon was reserved only for marriages ( or when the ‘ladka’ family came to see you ) .Waxing and threading were UNHEARD of ( yes , I can hear the girls gasping ) and the best suit you had was a ‘chikan’ cloth bought from Aminabad and stitched by your neighbour hood tailor .
( “habib’s “ would probably make you think of a biryani or kebab shop )
The maximum ‘fasssion’ guys could do was a bell-bottoms pant and some ‘more than 300’ shirt . And you went to the barber at the corner of your street and sat their obediently while he chopped off you locks into same old ‘katora’ cut .
And beauty saloon for guy ??? ( dood …the effect that would have on the ‘mardangi’ ! )

Well , to make a long story short …this was the India in which out parents grew up in .
And look around yourself now …it’s a different WORLD out there .
People are flashy , they love maintaining themselves . We spend loads on looking good ,eating good , we have a definite PAGE3 in every paper ( even the Hindu … wo ! )
I-phones and blackberrys are as rampant as Mercedes and Gucci !
And I ask myself , is all this good ?

Now ,  I am noone to decide …but what I did read was that that it’s all about ‘feeling good’ these days . The more happier and comfortable you feel with yourself , the more HAPPY signals you send into the universe …and the more you get back .
So , all in all …if you go to a beauty saloon ..get all those thigns ( I would rather not go into the details ) done on you . come back ..look into the mirror and say “Wo ! I am sexy”
Then be it ….it’s good for you
If wearing branded clothes makes you feel ‘dhinchak’ ( no matter how it makes you bf feel , the one who’s paying the bill ) go ahead and buy it !
Grooming yourself and declaring yourself are no sins anymore .
We live in a flashy world ….TV channels and mobiles are changed faster than ever . You need to stand out and blow you orchestra before you get blown away .

So….the question is open ladies and gentlemen …is Vanity still considered insanity ?