Friday, December 17, 2010


Faces on facebook I see
Shinning , glittering , smiling
All look a bit dazed , unreal
As if the smiles are unwilling

Such a fantasy land , this facebook
A projection …of what we desire
Of what we want others to see
Suddenly’s sexy to be a liar

So many faces…long since forgotten
Pop up suddenly ..and I stare
Smile if I remember something silly
Smirk I don’t really care

Strange…a world of personal pages
All false ,made up…ah ! decorated
And yet we cling to it tightly
Loving what we have created …

You ask …why is it do “in” ?
B’coz it represents everything around
All around…dazzle , achievements , pride
Inside ,Our inner selves chained to the ground

Live , be false , project your ‘image’ around
For all you’ll make you feel good
Our inner selves too delicate ,too fragile
To be taken out from under the hood !

1 comment:

  1. Hi Akshay,
    I don’t know how good or bad Facebook really is...
    But I do know thanks to it I made great friends like you:-)