Saturday, November 20, 2010

the sheer genius of 'HARRY POTTER' !

From a potter maniac , “wooooooohooooooo” . Three cheers for Mrs.Rowling !

So , I gave my already paralyzed exam schedule a nice kick for an evening and went of for “deathly hallows-I” .Ah …the time of the year when a new movie comes out and all the old Potter fans revere up and you know …you can feel the potter mania in the air..on the fone..on fb…basically , everywhere in the nooks n corners of the muggle world

And trust me …the movie is TOTALLY worth it . Thanks to the genius decision of dividing it into two parts , they have gone into tiny little details this time . And the acting….marvellous . Everyone seems to have grown into their character .
From harry potter to Umbridge , Voldermort and Luna . They play their parts to the hilt !
It’s dark…funny …senti… and just keeps you on the edge of your seat ..clapping , whistling , hooting ( or like me….reciting the dialogues before they are said ;-) )

  So , once again …the major question ..what is there in HP that keeps people so hooked to it ???
First , they connect …it’s everyone’s dream fantasy to have a superpower . And on some basic level , you feel attached to harry … so “muggle” for 11 years and then suddenly thrown into this tumbledown world ….we grow up with him . He’s not like your SUPERHERO ( the deadly quiet all powerful romantic muscular vampire…gimme a break ! ) . He’s an average guy like us … not always confident …needs help …feels jealous…uses luck .. needs a lot of friends around … oh ! cumon …he is what 90% of us are in our lives , we just want him to overcome all that n emerge a winner !

Second , the GENIUS of mrs.Rowling . I wouldn’t be surprised if years later , they rate HP as a piece of literature . She weaves through ideals like friendship , love , trust , bravery …and takes us down the dark alleys of jealousy , loneliness , power  , betrayl .
And it’s all there ..blended so perfectly in the story . you identify with all that because you have gone through it all at some point or the other !

Third , the characters ! From the tiniest little character to the big heroes…she has put such effort into them ! you can see and relate to them … all of us have  friends like Neville , Hermione , Ron , Luna ..even Draco !
You have seen Snapes , umbridges , Dumbledores , mc’gonallas somewhere or the other . They are all everyday people ….their characters ( good n bad ) match with the people around us . they are not your regular fairytale weirdos . on some level , you know you have encountered them somewhere in your life ..

Ah ! and so goes the story ..I feel a little sad when I think it’s ended . But on the other end , who says it has ??
Picking up an old book and reading your favourite part again n again … pleasure like it :-)
 Ps – out of respect for mrs.rowling I’ve tried to refrain from tearing apart some other sagas going around these days ! we’ll come to that later …I promise . time to diapparate back into books ;-)

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