Friday, October 15, 2010

The black cape ....

A figure in black I see
Following me around
Creeping behind me stealthily
Silence , his only sound …

His black cape swirling as he walks
Eyes draped behind masks
Ever gracious , swift and courteous
Like the evil In which he basks

A flash of red as he’ll dance
Prancing gleefully , ever slick
As I scream , bellow , shout
He considers it his music

A stab of jealousy I feel
Over issues trivial and small
And the green glint appears
As he smiles standing tall

Lust , I feel , pulsating within
My fantasies covering my eyes with drape
He’ll be sitting staring silently
The purple passion colouring the cape

Greed , he’ll smell , sitting on guard
Silent , watchful , cunning
Me ego sometimes swells his chest
Hunger  sends his saliva dripping

I tried catching him for years
And one day , defeated and lost , sat still
Tired of probing ,blaming others ….
When I saw a cape bellowing behind my pupil

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