Monday, October 11, 2010

our hindi "picturein..."

The most difficult task in the world ?
Make a list of Indian movies WITHOUT a love story …
Cumon ! It’s been more than 60 years …we are the BIGGEST film churning industry in the WORLD …. But the masala *sigh* remains the same !

Ek ladka ….ek ladki …their love ..and the “zaalim duniya” ( cruel world )
A huge MANSION where the hero lives .
The heroine dresses in designer clothes no matter if her character lives in slums
Add dance..some social message …sex … comedy…in the end it’s all about “pyaar ki jeet “ ( the victory of love ! )

I never felt this fact until I became acquainted with Hollywood movies .
The very basic difference … they make SENSIBLE movies …they pick up ideas from INTELLIGENT books to make up something with a purpose ….or if not that …at least something in touch with reallity .
Look at our Bollywood .. Rajni sir … Aamir Khan …*sigh* even Shahrukh and Amitabh . Start acting your age !
Or at least start acting with people of your own age ..
Turn over to Hollywood …Anthony Hopkins … George Clooney … Robbin Williams …*aaaaaand yes * Meryl Streep .
All of them might have a few grey hair In the temple …but they just ooze sexiness . unlike the wig-clad , black-dyed heroes here … y ? coz they carry those white hair with grace …

It’s not like Bollywood is not up to the mark . Look at some of the ( ok..most of the ) old movies “umaro jaan “ , Guru dutt classics , mother India , Guide , Joker ,Mughale Azam … ah ! the list in endless ….
Even these days ….v r making some good stuff ….”taare zameen par “ , “peepli “ ,”swades “ , “black” …..are breaking the conventional mould .
But the change is slow ..and the ever present “masala” picturein aren’t helping the scene .

It’s so absurd … There is a good book . The Hollywood people read it . They make a movie on it . We see the movie …and COPY IT !
Why can’t we read the book and take the first step ??

Maybe … coz the book does not contain any “dared-disco” plot ? ;-)

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