Saturday, June 19, 2010


I looked into the mirror and sighed
Raised my mask to my face
One last deep look at those eyes
And then the hideous mask went into it’s place

No , the mask wasn’t scary
Infact , it had a permanent brilliant smile
But it was rotten within , stinking
Suffocating me all the while

I walked along the corridor
People smiling , chattering all around
They shook my hand , hugged me
The sheer intensity made my heart pound

For , they were talking to the mask
And I waited for someone to pull it aside
But bad luck  , it looked so realistic
Besides , who wanted to see the face inside 

As I crawled onto the stage
Millions of lights , the audience all around
I performed , the mask in it’s full glory
I danced , till my feel reddened the ground

The applause that came
As the mask took the bows
The slow  death I felt
As my soul took the blows

The “I” in here can be you
Can be me , can be any poor soul
The masks we use on stage
To make our empty selves whole
         ….make our empty selves whole .

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GOSSIP on the menu ...

Oh yeah ... sue me people
I love gossip and I can’t lie
The shivers it sends up your spine
The way it makes your heart beats fly

Whispered in ears , with cupped hands
Passed in class , as a tiny little note
The sheer fun of cuddling in bed
With a phone to make your ear roast

It’s hot and juicy at times
Some just brighten your days
Shocking the hell out of you
Or maybe“Oh yeah…I knew it always”

You should know how to serve it
Churn malice ,drama and facts into a paste
And if you still find it a bit bland
A few masalas of your own will add to the taste

Oh yeah ! some hypocrites say it’s wrong
And try to divert you from you goal
When the truth is .. they all love it
Honey ! it just cleanses you soul !

Who just broke up ?
Whose fling has gone how far ?
Whose double timing their partner ?
Who was seen in whose car ?

These tiny details…ahh so yummy
When time sort of  freezes
Those blissful hours of bitching
When you tear a person to pieces

Oh I love gossip and I can’t lie  ..
Call me whatever you wish
We are all the same … cumon !
We love the same spicy dish ..
      We love the same spicy dish :-)