Saturday, June 19, 2010


I looked into the mirror and sighed
Raised my mask to my face
One last deep look at those eyes
And then the hideous mask went into it’s place

No , the mask wasn’t scary
Infact , it had a permanent brilliant smile
But it was rotten within , stinking
Suffocating me all the while

I walked along the corridor
People smiling , chattering all around
They shook my hand , hugged me
The sheer intensity made my heart pound

For , they were talking to the mask
And I waited for someone to pull it aside
But bad luck  , it looked so realistic
Besides , who wanted to see the face inside 

As I crawled onto the stage
Millions of lights , the audience all around
I performed , the mask in it’s full glory
I danced , till my feel reddened the ground

The applause that came
As the mask took the bows
The slow  death I felt
As my soul took the blows

The “I” in here can be you
Can be me , can be any poor soul
The masks we use on stage
To make our empty selves whole
         ….make our empty selves whole .

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