Monday, July 25, 2011

Ek kashti leke ....

Ek kashti leke chalta hoon main
Kis oar jaana , kabhi socha nahi  
Har roz lahron pe bhatakta hoon main
Ek kashti leke chalta hoon main

Kabhi door koi dikh jata hai kinare pe
Kabhi mitti ki dhundhli si mahak aati hai
Ab jaane mein hichkichata hoon udhar
Kya pata kaun rahta ho us paar

Kabhi ye dhoop jhulsa deti hai
Kabhi hawaein suna deti hai lori
Barasta paani gale laga jaata hai
Main aur saathi mera , ye samundar

Kitne baith ke gaye is kashti mein
Par har koi utar jata apne chhor pe
Main toh hawaon ke sahare chalta hoon
Jis oar le jaaye , is gahre paani mein

Ye sunsaan sagar , ye lahron ka shor
Kya aadi ho gaya hoon inka ?
Dar lagta hai bhanvar mein fasne ka
Is chhoti si kashti mein sahamta hoon main
   Ek kashti leke chalta hoon main …
   Ek kashti leke chalta hoon main …

Friday, July 22, 2011

The creature feeding ....

She rose on all fours ,sniffing
It was time to feed and dance
The moon was bright , the graveyard silent
She gave her filthy talons a second glance

Crunching across the gravel ,scattering bones
The rotten flesh clinging to her fur
She licked it slowly ,relishing it
She still remembered the whelping of that cur

She strolled towards the forest
Her latest theft lay sleeping
She prodded it softly ,awakening it
Feasting was no fun until they were weeping 

He bellowed , those frail hands thrashing
She delicately bit off the nose
That red baby blood on those lips
What next ? The neck or the toes ?

She ripped open the back ,
And scooped up the slithery spine 
Tearing off an arm for good measure
The spluttering blood …the warm wine

Mangled and bloody, too tiny to breathe
She gnawed at the belly soft
The intestines so warm and pulsating
His tiny legs held aloft

She wrenched out the tiny brain
And licked and drank and splattered 
A ragged ugly doll it was now 
But her full belly was all that mattered
                        …was all that mattered

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hum aur humara Lucknow ...

3 years in Chennai …
And the first thought , “Haaye mera Lucknow :-( “

Yes , lemme start by saying that I am accustomed to Chennai now . But , I have this feeling that even if you leave me in New York for free …I’ll still crave for “Hamara Lucknow” !

Kya bataoon …kabhi kabhi toh lagta hai “Kahan fans gaye yaar ! “
Uff ..wo shaam ko Lucknow ki galiyon mein ghoomna … idhar udhar kahi chaat ka thela dikh jaaye…bas toot pado !
Aur wo hamare Lucknow ke rikshe … thunse huye tempo … gaadi se paan thookte huye driver .
Wo galiyon ke kinaro pe paan ki dukaane … aur full volume mein bajte hindi/bhojpuri gaano ka shor .
Aur jab Independence Day hota tha , hamare chaurahe pe desh bhakti ke gaane bajte the !
Wo St.Francis’ ki gali …shara ganj mein laga “nauchandi ka mela” .
Haaye … wo La Marts’ aur Loreto ke gates ;)
Wo Cathedral ke opposite milti Pav Bhaji ...Jone Hing..Moti Mahal ..
Wo raat mein “aive hi“ ganjing karna ...
Wo chhote chhote “apne wale“ adde ...
Aur “aye bhaiya ji …tanik ek KADAK chai dijiye jara “
Hanuaman Setu ki wo moorti …. Raat mein Gomati bhi nala nahi lagti thi

Aur hamare Lucknow ki bhasha ... uff ! Koi “ama yaar” bol deta hai …toh mann karta pappi le loon bande ki !
Kabhi kabhi toh shuddh desi hindi mein gaaliyan sunne ko taras jate hai .
Wo IT ke paas lagi patakhon aur rango ki dukaaein . Teen saal ho gaye wahan gaye hue
( Aur yaar …Ayyaganj !! kaise bhool sakte hai )
The morning mass in Cathedral on Sundays …
Aur Eed pe Sevaiyaan aur biryaani  … !!

Chung Fa se leke Tundey ke Kabab !
WO Chowk ki galiyan God ! Hamari amma shopping karti thi aur hum pate pooja .
Wo “saahu” mein movie dekhen jaana …
Almabagh ke gaddhe ... Charbagh mein samaan leke bhagna .
Gomti nagar mein full speed mein driving ... the quiet and calm that area possesses ..amazing !
Radio pe “baais-batees-do-sau-batees” !

The old world charm my Lucknow has..
As if everything is OK …Life’s peaceful . Mast raho , mast khao .. kaahe ki tension hai .


Friday, July 8, 2011

3 years of 'Hostel Life' ....

Yes , This week I will be officially completing my 3 years as a hostellite .
A feat that I couldn’t have dreamt of some day .
( I mean ..summoning water was a matter of screaming , not actually walking . And washing clothes ??? What did they make washing machines for ! )

But , somehow ( thanks to mom’s 18 year long extensive training ) , I  have managed to survive ( …and then some  ;-) )
 And what I’ll suggest is .. DO live in a hostel ,at least once in your life . It’s like an ‘initiation’ passage into the ‘responsible’ adult way ( or at least … into your life as an alcoholic/doper/smoker/thief/psycho/free-loader )

Here’s the list of top 20 things you learn while in hostel :

1.It’s my room . If I need peace ..I know how to ORDER people out !
2.Cooking sucks… “home delivery “ rocks !
3.No matter how much some idiot knocks on the door… If you wana sleep , you gota sleep .
4.Never dry your clothes in the open ( Yes ! some perverts steal undies . Fact )
5.Cigeratte smoke is a part of natural air . Just accept it .
6.Free training at handling drunk patients ; and removing puke stained clothes
7. Walking half-naked ( and in other stages of undressing ) is totally OK ( and hot ? )
8.Peopel screaming/baulking/wailing/abusing is like Chennai autos on the road .You know it’s going to pound your eardrum …just get used to it .
9.Sweep the floor ONCE and your respect for your house maid increases exponentially !
10. Sharing food is a pleasure ( Yes ! I am a single kid … I had to learn it :D )
11.Sharing bathroom is a necessity … just close your eyes ( and other senses ) and do it .
12.  Some people are born shameless … you know how to recognize the ‘free loaders’( and how to evade them ) learn the art of total ignorance ( especially when those dreaded exams crawls near)’s okay to lend your coat/stationary/chappal/bucket ( no darling…not the undies . That’s where you draw the line )
15.Mess food ( for that matter …any food inside the campus ) sucks ! You still gorge on it ( and develop immunity ..added advantage )
16.Home food ( even cold roti and 'karela' ! ) is manna from heaven *sigh*
17.Trust me …you DON’T wana see the birthday celebrations in boys’ hostel ;)
18.You need to run early if you want your favourite shower ( or hot geyser water ) . If you miss it .. you regret !
19.You learn the technique of faking an “alert” voice ( for precisely one minute )when mom calls you to wake you up in the middle of the deepest sleep !
20.NEVER attend anybody’s girlfriend’s phone ( please go find where is he…why is he not picking up the he still smoking … can you go wake him up !! )

And lastly , you know that you live with these crazy pigs who’ll help you out no matter what comes !
Cheers …here’s to 2 more years of this depraved existence ! :D