Friday, July 22, 2011

The creature feeding ....

She rose on all fours ,sniffing
It was time to feed and dance
The moon was bright , the graveyard silent
She gave her filthy talons a second glance

Crunching across the gravel ,scattering bones
The rotten flesh clinging to her fur
She licked it slowly ,relishing it
She still remembered the whelping of that cur

She strolled towards the forest
Her latest theft lay sleeping
She prodded it softly ,awakening it
Feasting was no fun until they were weeping 

He bellowed , those frail hands thrashing
She delicately bit off the nose
That red baby blood on those lips
What next ? The neck or the toes ?

She ripped open the back ,
And scooped up the slithery spine 
Tearing off an arm for good measure
The spluttering blood …the warm wine

Mangled and bloody, too tiny to breathe
She gnawed at the belly soft
The intestines so warm and pulsating
His tiny legs held aloft

She wrenched out the tiny brain
And licked and drank and splattered 
A ragged ugly doll it was now 
But her full belly was all that mattered
                        …was all that mattered