Monday, May 10, 2010

KIDS on Idiot bow...but WHOZ the IDIOT ?

Half pants , full pants , shirtless , in chaddhis ….the uniform might differ ..but they have done it ! Conquered the idiot box …
Even since I have returned ….and placed me and my tummy in my favourite position ( where you can reach both the food and the remote ) I’ve been surfing the channels . Thanks to my absence , I can’t follow the saas-bahu sagas …the only choices left are news , reality shows and sports . Indian team crushed the last option … do not talk about the news channels please . A swift glance at the morning newspaper in the loo..errr…bed gives me more NEWS than the “hamne khabar pehle dikhayi” reporters !

And now my dear…the most dreaded option . Yep ! Indian idol …some stupid crappy dance shows and emotional attyachar rule the scene right now .

And guess whoz dancing ? The teeny weeny monsters …who will start crying their lil brains out if you shut them in a dark room . And that’s not it …add to it “encouraging” parents and teachers …and man ! You can ALMOST touch Rakhi’s  standards .
On a more serious note….it worries me ! Nah..the word is “scares” me . The other day there was this 9 year old dancing on some crappy remix . And that dance wasn’t meant for kids , trust me .

It’s evil…seeing them crying …and the cameras focused on their tearful faces . The whole nautanki that they do when they win , or to butter the judges . ( oh plsss…you can so see that it’s all scripted )

And I ask myself , do they really need it ? at such a young age ! Yeah yeah….I know the entire idea about bringing out the country’s talents but dude…. This isn’t “bringing” it out…it’s “selling” it and “making money” out of it .

And what happens if they don’t get the trophy ? Go check out Macauly Culkin…lindsay lohan …Micael Jackson . How many child artists live a happy life ahead ? The innocence is being replaced with “professionalism” . Maybe it’s time we sit and think where to draw the line when it comes to “entertainment” .

Monday, May 3, 2010

DELHI ...a city , an adventure :-D

Yep , as I leave Dilli darling this time …I fell in love with it all over again .This city’s got IT ..don’t ask me to explain what that “it” is ..coz I can’t ! You know despite the sweltering heat , the bheed-bhaad , the pot bellies and melting make-ups …people are happy …there is a lightness in the air which makes you immediately welcome . So much for praises , before you think I have gone off balance ..lemme get back on my usual ‘stuff’

1.Dilli di crowd – oye hoye ! ok... The girls ( *sigh* ) ..only 2 sizes available . XS or XXL .. nothing in between . The XS ones looked bleached ( dunno if it’s the make-up or the original skin tone ) . The xxl ones…yaar ! ya toh kamar andar kar lo , ya skirt lambi kar lo ( either put the tummy in ..or wear longer skirts ) . The aunties …uff ! the  glittering make-up ( dood …in Delhi , it’s omnipresent ) …the vadde-vadde purses , the dyed hair , the head-to-toe matching salwar suits . Oh ! that was our “desi” aunties..the “angreji” ones … aunty !!! you know you get clothes in your size , right ? no need to borrow your daughter’s ;-)

2.Dilli da khana – [ CAUTION : do not read this if you are in some north-indian food deprived place ] . wait …lemme clean my keyboard . My saliva dripped down again . Paranthe…bhature…chaat…sohan halwa …kulche…God ! I menna say you must have eaten this food everywhere …but they do SOMETHING to the food here . And there is no need to tell you dat my jeans just got an inch tighter ..

3.Dilli di language – Dood …I just love the hinjabi ( hindi+Punjabi ) that they speak here . It’s so hearty lovable ( ummm…once you take your respected mothers and sisters out of it ) . it makes you connect instantly . Although not like our Lucknow’s tahzeeb waali hindi ( yeah  right …shoot me ! I am biased ) . Par ji …koi gal nahi …tvadi language bhi best hai ji :-P

4.Dilli di metro – Three cheers to Sheila Dikshit ! now I know why has she been choosen thrice ! dude …the metro rocks looks sexy ..and so totally convenient . And it’s been like many ? 3-4 years and almost the entire Dilli is now connected with it .bravo ! now it looks like our country’s capital . Ummm..although if you think traffic jams would have lessened ..he he he …go out on the streets and you’ll think twice before taking your gaddi out again ;-)

So much for Delhi … I go back to my dear old Lucknow … I daresay I have not even touched the surface in this article …this was just an observation of a few days . Love ya dilli …..can’t wait to explore more in the future ;-)