Friday, February 13, 2015

The AIB knockout

The AIB knockout 
Can I launch another FIR? Not because the show was Vulgar. But because, it was nothing else.
Is this the future of comedy? Put together a group of celebrities and crack filthy jokes at each other? Use downtrodden cuss words and make immature 'observations' ?
Have we watched too much of Russell Peters and Jimmy Carr?
That was an organized event? People paid to go watch it? I have conjured up hundreds of such nights in the hostel. Drunk.
It's a corporate booby trap. Make money, do something attention seeking, get bad publicity and make even more money.

I don't mind the abuses and cheap humor. What I mind is, ONLY abuses and cheap humor. Grow up. 

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Saturday, February 7, 2015



दो आने का दुखड़ा, चार का चुटकुला
चौपाइयाँ , इनायतें मानो मुंह ज़बानी 
झोले में मुसड़ी इतिहास की पुड़िया
पोटली में बंद कोई मनगड़त कहानी

कुल्हड़ में किस्से, दोनों में दासताने
जलेबी जैसे जुमलो संग लतीफे लजवाब
पीछे छोड उस  रंगमंच की चका चौंध
अब गलियो में बांचता फिरता हूँ जनाब
अब गलियो में बांचता फिरता हूँ जनाब

- अक्षय

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



I want to make you uncomfortable.
Make you feel jittery, unhinged and unsure of yourself. Bring out thoughts that rattle your conscience.
I want to be there in your darkest dreams. In your screams and torn seams.
I want to make you squirm and think. I want to bring out a side of you, that you don't like.
I want to shake of your armor and scratch your mask. I want to be inside you, so much that you feel violated.
I just dont want to be there. I want to make you uncomfortable. 

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