Friday, October 15, 2010

The black cape ....

A figure in black I see
Following me around
Creeping behind me stealthily
Silence , his only sound …

His black cape swirling as he walks
Eyes draped behind masks
Ever gracious , swift and courteous
Like the evil In which he basks

A flash of red as he’ll dance
Prancing gleefully , ever slick
As I scream , bellow , shout
He considers it his music

A stab of jealousy I feel
Over issues trivial and small
And the green glint appears
As he smiles standing tall

Lust , I feel , pulsating within
My fantasies covering my eyes with drape
He’ll be sitting staring silently
The purple passion colouring the cape

Greed , he’ll smell , sitting on guard
Silent , watchful , cunning
Me ego sometimes swells his chest
Hunger  sends his saliva dripping

I tried catching him for years
And one day , defeated and lost , sat still
Tired of probing ,blaming others ….
When I saw a cape bellowing behind my pupil

Monday, October 11, 2010

our hindi "picturein..."

The most difficult task in the world ?
Make a list of Indian movies WITHOUT a love story …
Cumon ! It’s been more than 60 years …we are the BIGGEST film churning industry in the WORLD …. But the masala *sigh* remains the same !

Ek ladka ….ek ladki …their love ..and the “zaalim duniya” ( cruel world )
A huge MANSION where the hero lives .
The heroine dresses in designer clothes no matter if her character lives in slums
Add dance..some social message …sex … comedy…in the end it’s all about “pyaar ki jeet “ ( the victory of love ! )

I never felt this fact until I became acquainted with Hollywood movies .
The very basic difference … they make SENSIBLE movies …they pick up ideas from INTELLIGENT books to make up something with a purpose ….or if not that …at least something in touch with reallity .
Look at our Bollywood .. Rajni sir … Aamir Khan …*sigh* even Shahrukh and Amitabh . Start acting your age !
Or at least start acting with people of your own age ..
Turn over to Hollywood …Anthony Hopkins … George Clooney … Robbin Williams …*aaaaaand yes * Meryl Streep .
All of them might have a few grey hair In the temple …but they just ooze sexiness . unlike the wig-clad , black-dyed heroes here … y ? coz they carry those white hair with grace …

It’s not like Bollywood is not up to the mark . Look at some of the ( ok..most of the ) old movies “umaro jaan “ , Guru dutt classics , mother India , Guide , Joker ,Mughale Azam … ah ! the list in endless ….
Even these days ….v r making some good stuff ….”taare zameen par “ , “peepli “ ,”swades “ , “black” …..are breaking the conventional mould .
But the change is slow ..and the ever present “masala” picturein aren’t helping the scene .

It’s so absurd … There is a good book . The Hollywood people read it . They make a movie on it . We see the movie …and COPY IT !
Why can’t we read the book and take the first step ??

Maybe … coz the book does not contain any “dared-disco” plot ? ;-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"KEEP IN TOUCH" ?? oh yeah ...

“hey stay In touch”
“I’ll call you “
“dood …. I am gona keep an eye on you “
Simple phrases … meant to be emotionally touchy …makes u go so “gooey gooey” from within  ! Ah , so many people …so many promises …. So many “pacts” made .
And the end result ? poof ! vanished In smoke …
( yes , I’ve been reading Danielle steel …you can see the aftermath on the writing )

So , there was a time when I wanted to KEEP IN TOUCH with people . Call them , find out what are they up to . Any new girlfriends ? boyfriends ? both ? What new obsessions did they acquire ? any new thing “try” ki ? Lost anything yet ? ;-)

After a while …the calls dwindled ( from my end obviously …. There weren’t any from that end in the first place anyways ) and thereafter the excitement dwindled too .

So , welcome to the new age world . People drift off …. Become mysteriously busy …keep a track on facebook  …and when they finally meet face-to-face ( or accidentally bump into each other…MORE LIKELY ! ) , utter the magic words …
“arre yaar ….tum toh gayab hi ho gaye “
“you just disappeared ! “
And I ( or most of us are like … ) “yeah right ….I did ! u finally noticed , huh ?“

So much for bitching … a startling fact that hit me a few days back was that that not everyone had followed the trend ! There are still people I am “in touch “ with , who are regularly updated …or vice versa about the evil deeds beign committed ;-)
So , should be just conclude that “the world is a bad bad place ? don’t get emotionally attached ? “
Or can we dig deeper ?
Nah ..the world isn’t that bad ( although I am fast at work ..i promise thee )
The people who do care always stick to you gluteus maximus …call u just like that and indeed keep up d pacts .
Cheers …to all those weirdos around me …. And probably around you all too !
Ooooooooh…the rest of the crowd . it was a pleasure vanishing from your sight …trust me :-D

( esp. dedicated to Wilhelmina ; sonu ; shivangi ‘mirchi’ ; Saumya ‘my babe’ ; “p” sanya , slutty sister ;  vancha ; jazz )