Thursday, December 31, 2009


It seems yesterday that I was there
Standing in my green-blue tie
Proudly reciting “We will answer….”
My god ! where did time fly ?

Finishing up tiffins in first half
Snatching and begging at the canteen
Ban-chole; patties; samose
Collecting ‘chillar’ for ice-cream

Bunking in the back-field
Dispensary ; water-cooler ; hindi music room
Even the toilet would do
Until the VP came along to spell ‘doom’

Class mein hoti thi ‘chalk-fights’
Bina baat ke b’day manana was fun
Jumping on tables ; banging desks
Sleeping on the last bench jab bhi karta mann

Screaming together for Francis
We had to cheer THE LOUDEST
Even if the show was flop ;-)

SFC ki stage ;wo play ki practice
House matches ke liye bajti taaliyan
P.T. periods ke liye bheek mangna
Library mein padti wo gaaliyan

Grooming ourselves for class photos
After school…GC ke rounds
Remember…independence and Republic days ?
Every year soemone would faint in the grounds !

We all all so far away now…
But our hearts are there…standing tall
We are united under you SFC
“We will answer when duty shall call”
We will answer when duty shall call…….


  1. dude awesome poem aankhein bhar aayi lols.......
    but seriously a beautiful poem