Monday, January 4, 2010

Only 3 ? we got so many idiots here..

So , yesterday I went to see this movie …3 idiots . Good movie … sexy comedy and great acting ( not to mention … the story , direction …blah blah blah ) . But the point that hit me the hardest was the message . Sorry , to act the devil’s advocate here ( as if …I love playing DA ! ) …how many people can actually follow the message ?
Hmm , let’s see …live your dreams , do what you love , enjoy your work . Wow ! sounds like a dream life …isn’t it ? Try telling your parents that ! All around me , all I hear is ,
“bhai , I need placements …microsoft , wipro …”
“yaar …salary package achcha hona chahiye ….bas !”
“Dood ….just let me get my hospital …tab dekhna “
Money , moolah , damdi , currency ….call it what you will …. We are all slaves to it . the size of your house , your wife’s jewellery , your bank balance , the school your kids go to , your car model . Put them on a weighing scale next to “happiness” and see what side tips down .
It’s a bad , bad world …tell me frankly , how many of you can actually go upto your parents and say , “Dad/mom , I don’t wana be a dcotor/engineer/lawyer ….can I go and join a NGO ?”
No …I am not telling you to do this …just imagine it ! You’ll die laughing imagining the expressions on your parents’ face !
Again…I don’t say all our parents fall int o this category ( but more than enough of them do )
“if you’d become a doctor/engineer …you know that would have been better “
“these are secure branches …you need money and STABILLITY also . Life cannot go on with dreams”
“these are your hobbies .. you can do them anytime you want . “
And the good lil sunny boy/girl nods his/her head and then buries the nose inside books ! Cheerio , so much for happiness .
And this does pay off in the end , you see so many people over-aged/ depressed/ stressed/ diabetic /obese/hyper-tension ( sorry if I become too “medico” here ) . They put the blame on office timings/load/house problems . When the real problem is ….YOU ARE CAUGHT IN THE WRONG JOB ! (time to call ? )
On the other hand … I’ve seen people who love their jobs …God ! Aren’t I jelaous ? They are the happiest creatures walking the earth …believe me ! You can judge it by the GLOW on their faces .
So , the decision is yours …and trust me ! it’s a DIFFICULT one . Try fighting the “SYSTEM” or bow to it ! My best wishes are with you ( and your parents…they need it more ! ) .
P.S. : Loved Silencer’s speech ! :-D