Friday, January 22, 2010

“be nice to everyone “
“don’t hurt others “
“don’t be selfish”
“always think of others before you act “
Blah…blah…blah …geeta-updesh keep going on and on and on , and we sit nodding our heads as if we sooooooo get it !
Give me a break please , I am so tired of all this “bak-bak” . I can’t keep everyone happy an smiling and that’s it !
if you like me…I love you . If you don’t …HELLO! do you even exist ? I don’t think so !
I mean to say…it’s sheer STUPIDITY the way some people die for approval . They’ll apply butter ( no….not that way ! perverts ! ) …do your work…show FAALTU concerns …pay DUMB compliments ( I mean D.U.M.B) bring gifts …to just make you say ,”good boy/girl” and then throw a biscuit at them ( woof…woof )
“Oh my God…why are you coughing ?” ( TB ? AIDS ? LUNG CANCER ? )
“Can I carry your books ? bring you anything ? lick you shoes clean ? wipe your …umm..face ?
“oh ! you giving me a lift ? thanks!thanks!thanks!thanks” ( DRIVER ! START D CAR…)
“you are being so rude to me” ( SAALE ! DIMAAG MAT KHA ! )
“your dress/shoes/writing/style sense/smile is sooo nice” ( ummm…you got bad breath )
“oh he’s sick . I am so sorry for him “ ( abe..tune virus diya tha kya ? You don’t even know the guy properly )
I think it’s high time we flush our “SOCIAL IMAGE” down the pot and start behaving like what we are . Maybe you won’t get that many approvals ( or biscuits ….if you prefer them ) but at least you won’t be on your guard all the time with that fake smile plastered on your pretty face ( I call it the “toothache” smile ) . oh ! did I forget the round circle above your head ….sorry darling ..muuuuuah !
Come on ! The whole world CAN’T like you…ACCPET it and start living peacefully rather than trying to be an angel ( oh please…I know you got plastic wings which you put on and pose in front of mirrors at night ) . There are thousands of selfish , mean , sarcastic , ugly , cunning , shrewd people out there . You are just one of them ( yep ! touch your scalp …you know what those 2 bumps are …doncha ? ) . just enjoy it baby , soemtiems it’s fun poking people with your horns . Trust me , being evil is 1000 times better than being “F.A.K.E” ….happy horn-polishing !!
P.S : for all of you in my friends’ circle …this article is uselss for you . I checked your horns loooooooong ago …cheerio !


  1. oh thank gawd...plz forward this to half a million of ppl in my frnd list.....
    n specially to some to the dogs i train!!!!
    lov ya puppy!!!

  2. ^ bwahahah.. "puppy" ???!!! and there i was thinking you were a homo sapien !! :D

  3. lolzz... whose the main reason for this ire buddy? btw pretty ryt...
    P.S whn did u check out my horns?? ;)

  4. @prateek - yours are pretty obvious ...they reside on thy tongue ;-)
    @yenna - Thank you ...thank you...i love it when you appreciate ;-)