Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Committed...break-up...committed..break-up !

Confession : Ok ! I am writing this out of SHEER FRUSTATION .
It’s like an everyday story …
“I GOT COMMITTED ! yahoooooooo “
“Sorry yaar…I have a gf/bf now “
“yaar …ab toh hum committed ho gaye hai “
Add to that the smug smile , those serious expressions , the shaking of head and an occasional smirk ( in case of guys ) ..and the shy smile ( 1..2..3..PUKE ) , the flattering eyelashes and a little bit of blushing ( yep…the venus residents ) and you can get the entire picture .
Haan….then the train starts …both get “committed” …talk on the phone for ages ..
“what did you eat ?”
“how did you eat ? ( you used hands or stuffed in down your nostrils ) ”
“where are you now ….sitting / standing / lying down / on the toilet ? “
“What are you wearing ? ( for once ! say you are naked ! )”
“how was the day ? who troubled you ? did you masturbate ? how were your periods ? “
Blah…blah..blah …I would have gone on but I have this sudden urge to puke over the keyboard !
Ahh …those last night messaging …the roaming around holding hand-in-hand …the envious stares of people around you …so romantic !
Then the potty-training begins …ladki shows ‘nakhra’…ladka becomes upset .
“You don’t do this…you don’t do that…don’t talk to me ….i am upset “
The guy sulks…then tries to butter her up …then tries pleading…then gets frustrated and confused . The friends join in at times …trying to console/ counsel ( Yeah…As if …that’s the fun part …seeing Mr.Committed squirming !)
Finally the two can’t take it anymore ( although they try to drag it on AS LONG AS POSSIBLE ) …and then comes the show-down ….BREAK-UP ! ( applause please )
Ladki tears up the letters..ladka deleted the photos …Both bitch …both cry …both call each other pretty pretty names ( saala/saali , kutta , kamini ….you get the idea , right ? I don’t wana go into the “real” vocabulary )
And finally they recover ….and go on a new quest for a new gf/bf …
Note : the time taken to recover is directly propotional to your shamelessness and level of obsession :-)
And the net result is a long telephone bill ; scolding at home ; a few envious glances from friends ; maybe …maybe a few kisses ; and endless hours and money wasted over someone whom you never wana see again .
But that my friend ….is the magic of it all ? or is it the tragedy ? to each his own …cheerio !


  1. awesome one...luved it..:)
    so very true...!!!

  2. lolzz...pehle funny nahi tha kya ? :-)
    thanx jizzzy :-)

  3. why so much frustastion singh?nicely written though...

  4. @ankur - love you :-)
    @amol - saale....doosro ka sun-sun ke frustation ho gaya :-)

  5. hahahhahahahaha
    gud work yaar n d bst part ws dat proportionality equatn....:D:D:D:D

  6. bahutt sahi yaar..loved it..jo koi bhi actually aisa hoga aur tumhara blog padega..mann hi mann apne aapko justify zaroor karrega...that's the beauty of this article ;)