Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yeah right ? Wow …so what are you doing about it ?
Yes people…welcome to the “new generation” Indians …They are so smart , educated , ( what’s the word ? cooooool ) and the poor guys are trapped in India !

They have a problem …sorry did I use the singular ? They have problemS …India ki poverty ( “r” with an accent ) ..Indians ka attitude…India is so slow man …India is so dirty man !...In India , you know ? Nobody gets it !

Now poor people want “angerji” mujic ( rock..metal…pop…jazz …blah …blah ) , angerji comics to read , angreji brands to wear , angreji parents ( God ! my mom just dosent get it dood ) , angreji food ( Mom…daal chawal AGAIN ? ) , they wana get piercings ( arre beta….cartoon lagoge ! MOM !! ) , wana go out on stag parties ( raat bhar bahar rahoge ? kahan …kiske saath…kyon ? MOM !! ) .

They speak angerji with an accent…n hindi with ( they speak hindi..just be thankful for that ) phones …angreji cigarettes..angerji toilet-papers….i-pods…angreji movies…guitar..mineral water…bikes…chains ( ye sab toh mechanics lagaate hai beta ! MOM !! ) . You know …India just doesn’t go with the “IMAGE” dood !

So a small suggestion from my side…pack your bags and LEAVE . Trust me , India won’t mind …coz it’s sooooo sooooo frustating seeing people complaining about India day and night…and day and night !

You think India’s got a problem ? Why don’t you get up and FIX it ? It’s very easy to take your salary cheque and fly away somewhere and then moan from there ( or even worse …put your gluteus maximus in the sofa and moan ! ) . We don’t need moaners …we need Indians who can get up and work for their nation . And if you don’t belong to that category …the least you can do is not moan honey . We aren’t the best but hopefully we’ll be one day…amen !


  1. U dont know me, I dont know u ( Except that u r my friends friends son..:D) but dude...i love the way u write...Jai Hind to the world.