Sunday, December 27, 2009


I never thought that I’ll see the day when my parents will dance on stage together . But apparently He had kept this surprise in store for me .
I loved it . It was so fun . You know , when I say ( or used to say ) that my parents can’t dance …u must believe me . They couldn’t ! I nearly rolled on the floor when I heard the news .
I can still remember ! For two long months , papa shutting his clinic early and running towards the practice hall . Mom desperately trying to find all the songs involved so that they could practice at home . Dad trying to jump to the beat , mum trying to shake her waist … kisi ke expressions nahi aate the … koi ulti direction mein bhagne lagta tha . It was the most hilarious thing I had ever seen live !
But dood …they proved me wrong ! ( and I am so glad they did ) . They wrote down the songs …set the songs as their caller tunes …they’d practice before the choreogrpaher would enter . And keep going n inside the kitchen…the bedroom…the dinning hall ( u can fill the gaps yourself ) .
And the night they performed . WOW ! It was fun being backstage . Renu aunty kept going over the steps again n agin .. Mom became quiet tries a last practice ( and got the steps wrong ) ..ashutosh uncle was so enthusiaastic , he was smiling 100 watt . sharad uncle kept deciding as to who will give the prompts on stage …It was like seeing a bunch of kids going for their first performance .
I ran up and down carrying the dandia sticks , the dresses …helping them change …stood next to the stage when they were performing . I gave renu aunty a full-blown smile when she looked at me ( and she later told me how relieved she felt after that )
Sometimes the crowd won’t cheer…I had to scream first , to make them follow . And by the time it ended …you should have seen the happiness on everyone’s faces . I wanted to scream , “That’s my mummy ….that’s my papa”
And what with their photo in the paper next day…it was as if the gods were indeed smiling .

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