Thursday, August 5, 2010


There was this kid I knew …
Really stupid he was 
All he wanted was love, love love
And that too without any cause

He’ll go around standing outside
And wave at strangers walking past
Laughing , jumping , hugging
Until they responded at last

Stupid jerk … he knew nothing at all
He’ll love whatever came by
Until the day … when he came back home
And I knew he was going to cry

It took him a long time to figure out
Those kisses were actually bites
The bruises just appeared later
And the sting made him cry at nights

My heart bled for him
And I took him inside 
Guarding the door myself
While he sat there and cried

Ah ! I protect him so well
I hit at strangers and stand tall
I throw their stuff back at them
So fast that they have to crawl

He’s sad inside ..and lonely
But I must hide him from view
Search within yourself guys
Maybe this kid lives in you too 
…………… Maybe this kid lives in you to

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