Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yes , I confess guilty . ( as if you people didn’t know it )
But …. Here I am trying to justify this subtle , sophisticated and witty art  ( ok ! in case of some amateurs… loud and tacky and childish ) .
The first moral question : is it BAD ? evil ?
Hell no ! oh cumon … what’s more fun that giving you friend “that” eye movement or a sarcastic smile and the spicy words whispered behind hands..into ears .
I mean , you can’t help it ..some people literally carry boards on their foreheads ( though you’ll need that special “evil” vision to see it )
But then ..alas ! some don’t ! and that’s when you should draw a line .
For example ( ahhh …here I go again )

->making fun of a fake accent ( so cool ! )
making fun of someone’s English just coz they haven’t been to a “kaanvent” school ( lame ! )

->someone wearing crap and showing off ( rubbing my hands…”oh yeah ! “ )
    Someone wearing something decent just coz they are that way ( NO NO NO )

->someone boasting at breakneck speed ? ( they are asking for a speed breaker ..go ! )
   Someone actually trusting you and  telling you their matter how funny is sounds ( awww..cumon… who does that ? )

->doing it to people in public just coz you are jealous of them ?? ( yuck , ask you mirror …does it shout ‘looser’ ? )

So , the next time you indulge in this creative pastime . Keep something in mind …we make fun of people who ask for it .
Who need it …who are literally screaming ,”no…Give it to me “
First advantage might earn some browny points from my friend up there and second , you’ll prevent yourself from looking like a loser . There’s a very thin line of difference between making fun of people and ending up making fun of yourself !

Remember … “your chilli packets always taste better when you put them over extra cheese pizza…spray them on dry bread and eat.. they’ll only burn your mouth “
What a metaphor ! I love myself :-D

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