Wednesday, September 15, 2010


( DON’T JUMP …it’s NOT about relationships )

q. “how many siblings do you have ? “
I – “ummm..none “
Mr.x - *smirk* *mysterious annoying smile* oh I see !

SEE WHAT ??????????????
There is this myth ( nah…it will pass for LEGEND ) about single kids .
1.They are quiet , unsociable .
   Really , I have seen quite the contrary ! all the kids I know are actually more interactive and socially adaptable ( oh cumon …. Look at MEEEE ;-) )
2.They can’t share .
   Yes , I can vouch for myself . But then again …it’s not some set rule ! anyone can be selfish . ( wana take the risk ??? try asking a girl to share her make-up kit )
3.They are spoilt .
   Gimme a second please ! *banging my head on the wall*
   Listen …If your parents are busy , lienent and you were born with a platinum spoon up  any body orifice of yours …you’ll be spoilt. If you were raised under semi-millitary rule and made to give reasons and pampered with a chappal/wooden stick/ear pull/good old ‘thappad’ you won’t be . clear enough ?
4.They are over-protected !
   Read the above paragraph again …it depends upon your parents jackass ! and your genetic make-up and your school …and a lot of other crappy psychological factorrrrs :-)

So , the next time you know someone is single … don’t jump to conclusions . Talk to him/her ….flirt … gossip a lil with them .. ask them about the things they love ( if it’s a HER ) …or u can discuss movies , games , politics , war aaaaaaaaand sex ( yeah …boys officially rock ! )
It’s so painful for us to get sidelined . And that too so soon ! At least give us a lil time to show all our single bratness ( is that a word ? ) to you ! We are not that bad …you know ? plus if we find you adjustable enough …you might get a little out of ALL the love and money that our parents throw on us ;-)

*sigh* The world and it’s prejudices !

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  1. haha, I liked this one!! me a single child and as soon as I say I am, people chipkofi all these stupid traits of being one!!!! Loved it..!!