Thursday, September 23, 2010


Next time you are in front of the mirror …. Practice saying this chant
“I do not like”
“ irritates me to the core !”
“ is a proper #$!$!@$!@$ ”

Yes , you might stumble ….( but you wings will be there to support you ) . Or you might say it properly . The point is the next time you try saying this In public you might ..MIGHT …say it openly .
Yes , welcome to the new age world of polite speaking …. No negative-talking …and thinking positively about everyone ( And you wonder why the sales of bird feathers and white garments has gone up ? )
It’s not that people have stopped disliking each other ( he he he …want further proof …put two girls together fro a few days and see )  . They suddenly become tight mouthed when it comes to accepting the fact … replacing it with “politically correct” phrases ..

“Yeah …he’s nice only…but he isn’t my type “
“no… I like her …. I would love to get to know her better “
“He’s not that bad…. Who said I dislike him ?  
“please ! there is nothing wrong between us . We just don’t gel very well together”
* false “lock jaw” smile with batting eyelashes *

So much for diplomacy !
So , this “holier-than-thou” crowd earns brownie points by keeping negative
Talks at bay . And what about the negative emotions darrrling ?
As much as I love back-stabbing and back-bitching …my advice is do
 blurt it out at times ! It’ll keep a little irritation out of your haemodynamic system . How difficult is it  to say ,
“I don’t like him…so I keep away from him/her “
One sentence …. A lifetime of peace . !
( and maybe a smaller time of enemies and ‘those’ stares . but then cumon ! We can always stare back )
PS – for the list of people I don’t like … contact me personally :-D

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