Friday, September 24, 2010


Ah ! the commonwealth games ! they have finally arrived along with an air of enthusiasm , overcrowding , and dilli ‘sundari-fication’
Did I miss something ?
A HUGE highly talented ‘predominantly sleeping’  miniature journalists !

How many articles have we seen about the ‘corruption’ involved in the games . And in case you aren’t an avid paper reader …. How many dear little status updates ??

One little question ,”What are YOU , my dear lil delicate darling …sitting in your fat couch and typing with your sausage fingers …doing about the entire thing ? “
Nothing ? oooooooooooh…then y don’t u SHUT UP !

The problem is an old one …and like an opportunistic infection ( yaaaaaay …I study pathology ! ) comes up whenever given a chance .
India mein traffic jam … I dunno when will the public improve “
Reflection : How many times do look for a free spot on the road so as to save the parking ticket cost ?
India is so dirty man ! “
Reflection : How many times do u eat something in the car and throw it outside the window ?
India is so corrupted “
Reflection : fine ! The next time you get caught …pay the actual fine rather than slipping the “sau ki patti” ( the hundred rupees note )
“India ka kuch ho nahi sakta . Nothing can happen to india
Reflection : Thanks to you .

The point is …. Either get up and have the courage to change something . Or shut up and bear it . noone is asking for your ‘expert’ opinion .
We all know apna India is like this only . Love it the way it is … and start by changing things at your level …not “screaming” things at your level !
Jai hind people ! :-D

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