Friday, March 4, 2011


In a busy bazaar I walk
Oh , the noise and glitter around
No purpose , I am a window shopper
So many people and shops abound

Some shops I choose to venture into
The bad ones , I stand out n smile 
I see people bargaining and compromising
Glittering dresses blinding me or a while

Sometimes I am tired , I sit down
An old accquintance would come out of the crowd
Walk along the bazaar wimme
Until my spirit stands tall and proud

I meet new people milling around
Some hold my hands and walk together
And then leave , to look into a shop
Sometimes I meet them again somewhere

Some keep crossing me more frequently
And others just totally disappear
I keep walking along the busy bazaar
I am just a window shopper here …
                               Just a window shopper here …


  1. arre waah...chalo kisse din saath mein window shopping karenge...oho...acha if u insist actual shopping bhi karva dena;-)

  2. @prato - thank you !

    @duruchi - maaf karo mata ...haan , window shopping karne saath mein kabhi bhi le chaiye ;-)