Thursday, February 24, 2011


Now , you dear dear virgos will be on either ends  :
1.Organised , clean lil’ goodie goodie guys n gals
2.A bit shabby , messy , lost .

Do NOT be deceived . No matter what they look from outside , these people carry a laptop within their brains .
You’ll never find them confused ( apart from the times when they screw up those eyes and look in the distance …Can someone explain to me why ? )
They’re polite , VERY well mannered and generally LOVE to mind their own business . Which they cannot do , coz’ they are always pulled into other people’s problems .
The best combo about these virgins is they are practical ( oh yess ..I can see them smiling right now ) and at the same time they CARE .
Although , sometimes they deliberately choose not to care ! They need their inner peace beta …enough of pulling their feet into gossips .
Another thing they are accused of is excessive fussing about hygiene and cleanliness and what not ! bakwaas …like , these people like organization !
Now , that means …THEY should know how things are working . Go into their room might be the MESSIEST room in the world , but they’ll know EXACTLY where each thing has been kept .
It is also not uncommon to find a lot of SHOES in the clutter ( or in the spick-span room :P ) .These people ( yes ! guys too …) just can’t get over shoes . I still can’t decipher why!
They love movies …. Many of them may turn over the “intellectual” side . But the best thing is … you won’t hear about it until you probe a deep .
I love all these virgos coz’ they would never show off . They might be the geniuses of the class ( most of them *sigh* ) they’ll never shove it in your face !

The most common sentence you’ll hear is “Hey lemme know the details  in advance “
Imagine going somewhere and not knowing what to do there !
No no no …they love advance preparation , no matter even if it’s only in their minds !
And some of them might turn into hypochondriacs ! But dammit ….these virgins know some magic spells . I’ve seen them climb out of sickness in no time ( if they want to…that is )

The guys – I am really really sorry . I am still trying to decipher you people .

"The ladies" - *drum roll* or rather *slow violin playing*
My FAVOURITE ladies of the zodiac . They are confident , so down-to-earth and appreciate humour ! What more can u ask for … fashion sense ?
Ha ! They got that too !
This is one girl you’ll never find misbehaving or embarrassing you anywhere .
And , the ambitious and career oriented streaks in them just make them more compelling.
So , how to woo them ? huh ? Don’t try to be too ishmart beta . These girls read u in and out . And make sure you have some real assets in your personality . I’ve seen some of them cutting off useless guys like scissors .
They can be super charming and help you and care for you and still keep their insides closed  shut ! That’s not inner coldness’s a mechanism of protecting their laptops ( remember ..the ones inside them ) .
And oh dear lord , gossiping with them is PURE HEAVEN !

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