Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ok , imagine this …a kid screaming , like bawling …banging fists and face red .
Got it ? that’s you aries friend :-D

The baby within ..and the screaming above ! Ah …I love these fascinating people . You can spot one far off . Even if they are quiet , they’ll radiate the message “talk to me …idiot ! fast “
And talking they’ll do ! Oh ,hell we know that ….
Mostly it’s about something which they have already accomplished or they are planning to do In the future ( I can see the raised eyebrows of Aries , “ What ! I never do that ! “ )
If it’s not that…then it can be anything in this whole wide world …a recent book they loved , a sexy new movie you HAVE to watch …or some passionate single focused advice on your private/personal/professional problems .

Most of them walk and talk as if they own the world ( and knowing their confidence and that 1000 watt positive bulb in their mind..they just might )
Convincing them is like telling your kiddo what to do …. You have to coax , smile , tell them how nice they are that they are doing it for you and they’ll be all yours truly .
And the anger ? oh my my my …it’s adorable !
They scream …go “blah blah” ...but then let them calm down . Tell them “oh …I didn’t mean that “ . Shed a lil’ tears and before you know they’ll be sharing coke with you ( no beer beta…we teach good things on the blog ! )
It’s FUN to see them trying to lie … they’ll try to keep it up for some tiem but then shake that head and give up . Being caught fair n square is a less embarrassing situation than trying to make up stories .
And if you are ever down n sad …just give ANY OF YOUR aries friend a call …pump up factor !

-->! Our aries hunk …our ‘gabru jawan’ . Drenched in sports sweat or with x-box in one hand . If he falls in love … he’ll know it . But so will the entire world ;-)
They declare it ! “pyar kiya toh darna kya” style !
And then go after the girl full on …if not their sexiness ..the sheer zeal will get them through :-D

AAAAnd the ladies . Oh My gawd ! She’ll appear all boyish , like your best pally …but underneath all that is a girl who dreamt of being Cindrella and Goldilocks when she was a kiddo . Treat her with love guys , this one is a special girl .
Same rule applies …if she has a crush on you . Baby …make her wait , she’ll eventually come charming you all the way  :-D

PS – feel free to forward this to all your aries friends .And lemme know if I should keep the masala-horoscope series going :-D


  1. yes baby keep gng wid ur series...odrwise staight away jump 2 scorpio...n aftr dt u cn close ds:p

  2. you mean...after scorpio i might be FORCED to close the series ? ;-)
    Oh ...I can't wait to get to my favourite sign scorpios :-D

  3. hahahahahahaah!!!gud well done!ariess ka to chittha khol k rakh diya!

  4. bring em on bro.... masst hai!!
    w8ng for a leonine dissection... ;)

  5. @van - seeeeee ...aries approve :-D
    @prato - oh yes...leos , how can I forget my purring friends ;-)

  6. i want d scorpio version soon.. :P

  7. SCORPIO!! SCORPIO!!! :) :) come on Akshay!!

  8. Haha nice :)
    keep 'em coming!! and virgo soon please?