Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Have u ever wondered why your guy friend always gives u the feeling of a teddy bear ( including the hulky appearance and the back slaps )
And ever time you see that Taurus girl you feel that she’s going to be a mom someday !

Haaa , Taureans …they are you know ummmm…down-to-earth . Not to mention , they won’t stuff intellectuality in your face !
Everyone has a best friend who’s a taurean ! They’ll be like you chaddhi-buddies … they’ll eat what everyone eats …know what the latest songs on the chart …go out to the latest masala movies with you …or you might find them LAZYING around with some dog-eared book in hand .
And is there is something they are never short of ..it’s sensibility and humour . Like , the kind of humour you can expect only out of them ! And the kind of practical advice you always need …(not the shitty philosophy )
There are a few taurean obsessions I haven’t deciphered yet …
1.roaming around naked/semi-naked at home .
2.taking up songs and making crappy lyrics out of it ( and that too , they never finish )
3.The obsession with their ghar-ka-khana .
4.The comfort which they find in the mess around them .

Oh ! did I forget something ??
If you want to have a pet bull ( tied up for life ) …you need to discuss one thing and one thing alone ….PARENTS !
Our back-slapping , baulking hunk turns into a koochi-koo when it comes to his mummy .All of them ( without an exception ) love their mum ….and particularly their mum’s food and her smell . So , do the girls ! their dads .. I mean
The first sentence they’ll tell you is ,”I am dad’s princess “.And trust me , they usually are …
Other topics to lure these bulls ….
1.how much you love your home
2.tell them how earnestly you are planning your future family/home/career
3.tell them you hate showing off
4.bring them home cooked food
5.cuddle them from time to time ( this one works like MAGIC ! )
6.Wana go on a date ?? go to a quiet beach or a mountain-side or an isolated place filled with trees ( nature seduced them like anything ! )

And don’t get scared is they start off by telling you their future plans … most of them start imagining ( and taking steps towards it ) where they have to go .
Don’t think they are not ambitious …they know where the power is …they never rush towards it , slow-steady-balanced !
Try not to push them too much ….trust me , when they dig their feet in the ground and smoke comes out of those nostrils …fold your lungi and RRRRRRRRRRUN !

Here’s to all my lazy , happy-go-lucky , sensible , crackes-up-humours-sexy tauren friends ! And if you liked this …I’d love it if you forward this to all you taurean friends too :-D


  1. niice one... our very own lungified linda goodman... ;)

    OMG .... I am still deciding whether I should interpret that as an insult or a compliment ! :-D

  3. Omg...now u make me wait with bated breath for Libra..

  4. now this is called some real good work... move over Linda Goodman... Akshay Singh has arrived!! :D