Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where is He ?

“Where is He ?” , my mind asked
Amidst aartis and conches blowing
In churches deep and silent
In mosques with people bowing

I looked in vain and sighed
Ah ! He was nowhere to be found
I had almost lost all hope
When something made me turn around

I looked more deeply and saw Him
In devotees , their eyes filled with glee
In prayers muttered earnestly under breath
In rosary beads bring clicked softly

He is the force that lives within
That calls them from miles apart  
To Mecca , Amarnath , Vatican
Ask them , he lives in their heart

He is exactly what you want him to be
Strong , wise , powerful , true
Call him by whatever name you want
He is just that faith within you …
                                                  Just that faith within you …


  1. getting philosophical now are we? ;)
    well written. :)

  2. yeah... I get my philosophical moods ..piscean effect .
    Thanks ;-D

  3. nyyycccc!!!!..wow thaa ek dum!

  4. @scribblings - thanx a ton
    @van - ooo yeag baby ;-D

  5. Hi Akshay,
    Wow...you never do cease to amaze, do u?
    A post of hope n god...
    Just when I thought this space was all about laughs n mirth...here’s faith:-)

  6. @suruchi - and variety is spice , innit ? ;-)