Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Now , this is one sign which matches it’s zodiac animal to the hilt !
( every leo who just read this line would have patted his/her hair …smiled gorgeously and thought “obviously ! “ … isn’t it Prato ? ;-) )

So , there is no need for you to notice them …I mean , no need to make an effort to notice them . They’ll be there , can you sense the source of bursting energy…yeah ! exactly that :-D
Most of them look and act like they are SOMETHING ( and some of them really are something ) . A shabby leo ?? ..no no no no !
See , to their eyes …they are a gift to the world . some of them have this ego thingie ( actually …bigger than that)  . Mrs.Goodman insists on it .
I on the other hand , disagree  .they have it …true . But it’s manageable .
They will be your buddies . You wana have some adventure …go beat up some guy …or just create mischief n chaos . you can always find a lion paw to help you out .
They are GREGARIOUS by nature … like the “yaaron ka yaar” types . They can have many friends ..but you will find more followers than friends .
They are achievers …either in this profession or somewhere else . And that combined with their SUPER AWESOME SMOOTH charm usually makes them so ..wass the word “adorable” .
Yes , they have this irritating habit of advising you every now n then ( actually …make it ‘most of the times’ ) . But then come on … we all know they are usually correct . Don’t we ? ( shhhhhhhh ;-) )
And they are honest ! Actually , a lil’ too honest … and and and and never …my dear children , never poke a lion ( even more dangerous …a lioness ) In the wrong place .
They won’t be like your scorpion buddies …waiting to strike …blah blah .
The claws come out … the tail lashes ….fangs bared …you’ll be given a mauling you’d remember ! needless to say , they have enemies too . But ah ! our lions are smooth enough to slide them over to the other side .

The lion -> He’ll walk n talk n win you over . He might be the smartest guy you’ve ever come across . Seeing him hovering around can comfort you and make you smile at the same time . How to seduce him , huh ?
Piece of cake ladies …flattery ! But no…don’t make it fake .Appreciate him at whatever he’s awesome at ( you’ll have plenty of topics don’t worry ) . And give him a few hard criticisms …he’ll sulk but he’ll love your honesty :-D

The lioness -> You can sense her . She’ll have that aura , which says “Yes , my subjects ..tell me “ .Don’t try to fool her . She’s smart …brainy ..and can make you whirl around if her wrath falls on you .
Don’t be cheap .That’s one thing they can’t tolerate . And give her a few chances to correct you and tell you what to do ( notice the word “FEW” ) . She’s a maiden to be revered and pampered , this one .
And cumon ….one look at her and you know she deserves it , doncha ? ;-)

Ps – Now , that I have buttered all you purring cats so much . Do me a favour and please Please do forward it to others ;-D


  1. lolzzz!!! "obviously".... tho didn't do the hair patting thing.. ;)
    p.s. u cud have gone to the dark side too.. all's not flattery u knw... :P

  2. next time i need to impress someone..i should find out their sunsign n come back here for your highness's ultimate guidance:-)

  3. @suruchi - You needed the blog to find that out ? hmmm , Can't u see how I charm you my smiling persuading libra with that awesome sense of style ;-D