Sunday, February 13, 2011


( CAUTION : If you are a cancerian ..and about to red this …you might feel a shiver or two up your spine )
So , if you have a cancerian friend …he or she will be in two phases .
One , where they’ll jump around , hear you cry and give you advice and sympathy in dollops and make you smile through anything
Second , where they’ll become so weird that you feel like hitting them with a club !

Now …understand this . There are a few things , which drive these crabs . Love ( or romance ) , money and idealism …in that order .
Ah ….born hopeless romantics . From the moment the hormones began kicking in they have been on the search . For that perfect partner they’ve always dreamt off .
Some of them still think of the first love..and how cute and innocent it was . And if…if only they could find something like that again :-)
Dig into their cluttered cupboards …you might find operas , gazhals , sad poems ( some of them , In their own handwritings ) , old photos or at least Kishore Kumar’s sad songs !

Ah …”OLD” . When I read Linda Goodman I didn’t believe it .So I researched a bit . Yes ..old photos …toothbrushes… pens…books . Anything . They have an attachment towards it all .
And it dosen’t end there .They love everything old fashioned .You might find one or two of them reminiscing about the 60s or 70s times ( check out their pencil cases …you’ll  definitely find a fountain pen ! )
Oh …and the cancerian mood swings are famous ! blame it on the moon …or whatever . It isn’t rare for them to slide into one of it now and then . But kudos ! ladies n gentlemen …their camouflage is so perfect . Until you are very close to them wouldn’t know there’s a storm brewing up !

Did I mention money ? Yes , I did . Don’t get me wrong …they respect it . I still haven’t been able to clearify this aspect ( pisces n money are hopeless ) .But they have their own theories about it and seem to think very PHILOSOPHICALLY regarding this . imagine the day time stock broker who writes poems at night . Yes , you got it ! :P

And it’s up to you …to find out what things do they ideallize . All of them have different topics . Millitary , their culture , their nation , their mom’s cooking , chick-flicks , their profession , a particular idol of theirs …. The list is endless !
But the one thing that is CERTAINLY there is their parents .Mom , dad or both . They strive to rise in their parents’ eyes . And many of them would go to any lengths to fulfill their parents’ dreams . For ..after all , noone but their moms knows how to touch and love them when they are sick !
And their dads are so awesome , they’d be happy if only they could be half of what their parents are .

The guy crab ….oh ! if this one falls in love ( and he will ..mark my words ) . The chances are … not even his closest friends might know ( let alone the lass ) . The happy-go-lucky smiling creature you know of …turns around in bed and longs for someone at night . They won’t be the mighty lions or the persuading aries . But they’ll woo you . And trapping this one isn’t that difficult . They love that outgoing , confident , fiery girls who fall into their arms and look into their eyes at night .
Don’t you DARE hurt them . I’ll be after your life . They carry a heart of glass , these crabs .don’t crush it girls …he’s a very rare gentleman .

THE LADIES …*drum roll*  .You’ve seen her walking . As if she knows it all .Tall , confident , practical and yet comforting . But she’s been through a lot ( I don’t know what …but she’s been ) . And she carries it all inside . She’s a wee bit cautious ,this one . For all the crap she talks about , there is something else she wants to say .Listen to it …carefully . You just might be the lucky listener !

I love you people ! What would I do if all you crackpots crabs hadn’t been around ! :-D

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