Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My 100th blog ... dedicated to all those wonderful people who've read this 'twisted chillies' .

Especially to Booboo ; Suruchi Hotness ; Chotti mirchi ; "P"friend ; Saumya hotty ; Yaaaaa ; The cancerian ; Siggi Biggi ; Ubla Anda ; Rolum ; Katta ; Wihelmina ; Dhanno Mateshwari ; Shishyaa ;Gayathri ma'am ; Linda ; Huzi ; Achyut ( Ok ... Now my memory is running short )
And all those awesome people who've made 2011 an AWESOME year . Love you guys <3 

Another year come to a close
And another one shall begin
As millions have passed before us
And many more will flow in ….

In this infinite universe , what are we ?
A fraction of a second , a speck of dust
And yet we revolve and dance around our axes
Trying to make a mark , doing what we must .

The pages of our years that keep flipping
Will one day end , the book shall close
But till then , keep doggy earing your pages
That mark the joys of life ,and the woes …

Those little things that made “sense”
Those tiny events that made you smile
Those misty eyed nights when you felt lost
Those hands which kept you steady all the while .

Decades,centuries and ages shall pass
Pages will crumble to dust and perish
In the end ,none of our lives might matter
But it’s those ‘doggy ears’ we must cherish …
                         Those doggy ears we must cherish :)


  1. :)And in memories do we bid it adieu
    And walk towards another new year!

  2. Yiy yiy...I saw my name-congratulations and here's a toast to spicer, madder, better and 50% extra you in the coming year:-)

  3. Man , u r awesome ....I love what u write , and this is the first time that I am commenting on ur blog . Just keep it up and Happy New Year .

  4. am not so much into poetry but its a good one...happy new year...continue writing...