Monday, July 8, 2013

To be a book nerd

Have you seen that lost looking guy ( or that chick ) ,sitting with a book in hand .

Maybe on  the distant ,secluded bench in the park . In the cafe ,on the flight , in the corner of the class or simply waiting for his/her turn at the hair salon.
Look from far . Do not go and tap them on the shoulder ,or scream near their eardrums. Even if you know them . Yes . Please.

They might give you a blank stare ,or bark an impolite answer . Or give you a sad ,fake smile .
( It all depends on the kind of book he's reading at that precise moment )

Well , it's not their fault .
What would you do , if you were on a date and somebody has rudely walked in ?

Yes . A date . You heard it right .
For these poor souls , it's actually a date . With someone who understands them better than all those mortals around them .
The best thing is , their date not only understands them . It speaks to them , comforts them , consoles , inspires , loves , cuddles and even makes love to them.
And what it demands in return ,is nothing .

To be a book nerd ,is like being an extra terrestrial . The book in hand , can be his UFO . he resides in two worlds simultaneously .
He can be sitting in the kitchen , and raiding Gringotts with his two best friends.
He can be on the bus to home , and drinking climbing down the wall of his castle in Transylvania.
It took her 120 days to go around the world , because her other universe came up with exams.
While the world was cheering for India in the World Cup , she was sitting on the floor and invading Lanka with Rama.

To be a book nerd , you must be reborn a thousand times .
He has cried with Hassan , when he couldn't retrieve Amir's kite .
He has fought for Meluha , with a trident in hand .
She has raced across Malgudi , with Swami's gang .
She has eaten scones with Julian and Dick . And attended midnight parties in Malory Towers !

He ends up collecting boomarks.
He goes online to check for the release dates of books.
He gets excited whenever someone mentions a book , in the nearby radius.
When he sees other members of the species , he ends up asking for their book too . Just to 'look it over'
He carries one in his bag all the time . Just in case ,if he ends up being free for sometime
He goes glassy eyed in bookstores . 

To be a book nerd , is patience . For sometimes ,you have to remove the bookmark and leave a friend halfway .
To be a book nerd , is tolerance . For sometimes , you must swallow what you read . Even though ,you do not like it .
To be a book nerd , is balance . As you whirl in and out of a thousand centuries and worlds .

To be a book nerd , is joy . Oh ! Such blissful joy 


  1. midnight feasts at malory towers :) brought back memories !

    1. haha ! A lot of people have told me that :D

  2. Ohh i so relate to this. I do have my kindle all the time with me.i have sodft copies of the books on my office desktop, I have book ready at dining table as well as next to my bed. Just in case i get some free time :P I go for snacks in evening with a everyone on my floor knows me like that crazy book girl :D but they dont know what they miss out on when they dont read any book. I pity them