Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Kali is more than untamed nature. Kali is PAIN. Pure ecstasy that accompanies pain and surrender.
The Goddess of outcasts, the ones who have never belonged. Who have spent their lives trapped in their own mind. Drowning in the guilt that has been forced upon them. Misunderstood, cursed and aloof of society.

The poets, the aghoris and the power seeking madmen. She accepts them all. Loves them. Adornments, gifts, wealth .. Nothig matters. As long as you surrender yourself and ask Her to stomp you.
And stomp she will. Crush your ego, wrench your half baked relationships, feed on your illsuions. Until you are left sobbing and weak. Do not stop praying. There is no one who lifts you as swiftly and as lovingly as Her.
Offer her your sweat, pain, weaknesses, fears and all that rots inside you.
My Dark Mother, will destroy you first .. Before she reincarnates you in Her own image.

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