Thursday, March 5, 2015


Are you a rapist? No? Think again.
Have you never (mentally) raped anyone weaker than you? Misused your power? Tortured someone in the head? In rage. In frustation. In a fit of jealousy.

The answer ( whether you accept it or not), would be a tiny little 'yes' somewhere deep within.
Imagine a childhood born of poverty, hunger, lack of education, disrespect and a constant struggle to survive. Add to it, the twisted nature of society around you. A drunk father who beats up the mother. A 'mohalla' where it's okay for guys to whistle at girls.

Imagine years of frustation piling up inside you.
Wouldn't you turn into an animal?
I am not saying that anyone is right ( or, anyone is wrong). Understand.
A crime is never isolated. We ( as a society), are somewhere responsible for breeding the crime and the criminal.

Shunning and hanging them is not the solution. The solution lies deeper than what we perceive.

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  1. You have beautifully pointed out the root causes. While I agree that the real solution lies deeper, punishing such people is a part of the solution. A. It gives the victims hope that justice exists, B. It gives victims courage to report a crime without worrying about social prejudices. C. It gives a message to society that rapes are heinous crimes and not it is not the fault of victim. D. It invokes a sense of fear in the culprits, legally (Oh! I may get hanged!) and morally (Oh! Is it a bad act, really?). Any ways, thanks for the beautiful writing.