Monday, April 4, 2011

cricket champions...NOT world champions !

Ladies and gentlemen …
Dhoni’s last six … and we all rose from our places !
Across states , citites , religions …whatever ! INDIA rose and clapped and cheered and went mad !
Out on the streets , voice hoarse , eyes misty , tricolour in hand and 1000000000000$ smiles on our faces .
The dream ….the CUP …had arrived home after 28 long years .

As an Indian ( and I can say it for all of us )it was one of the proudest moment of my life ( probably after the Kargil war ) !

 The question is …. WHAT NOW ?
Cash awards are pouring like mad over the Indian Cricket team .
Chief ministers are vying with each other to donate lands and degrees and awards over the players .
This , apart from endorsements that they’ll be grabbing eventually .
( We’ll be short and cut out the auctions of IPL for the moment )
I agree wholeheartedly . The Indian team DESERVES them .
But my question is … Don’t the other teams do ?

Cricket is in out hearts . Agreed . We are now the world champions ( again ,a WOOHOO ) . But spare a moment to sympathize with the other games too …

2010 winter Olympics  : We came back empty handed .
2008 summer Olympics : 56 paticipants . one gold medal ( cheers Mr.Bindra ! ) and 2 silver ( Vijendra Singh and Sushil Kumar )
2006 winter Olympics : empty handed .
2004 summer olypmics : one silver by Raghvendra Singh .

So , see the point ?
Agreed we excel at cricket now . The greatest dream has been achieved .
Maybe now we’ll spare some time ( and MONEY ) over our national game …hockey ?
Or any other game for that matter … there are athletes who need money for training . Who need a bit of support from their countrymen .
We accept our loss in Olympics quite naturally . And use cricket as our balm to soothe the wounds .
But we have the potential to do much more . If and if only , we turn a little attention towards those games dying a slow death

Maybe it’s time we realize “ JUST the Cricket world cup is not enough “

 jai hind !

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  1. egg jactly.....
    koi to hain who looks beyond the cricket craze in this nation:-)

    "ji bilkul" is what i kept murmuring under my breath here Aks:-)