Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Paediatrics ward ...

You know how when you move into a ward .. you get this sad feeling .Wounded people , troubled people , lying down …exhausted .
People milling all around and chattering …  ( or woman frustrated with life *coughGYNAECcough* )
Well , not so with the pediatrics ward !
You stumble into the ward …keep an eye on the ground ( they run like missiles I tell you ) and see ACTIVITY !
One of them will be jumping all around, some bawling at full volume , others beating their moms ( yes , the nasty brats type )  and some will be little quiet shy staring with big big eyes all around ( go , talk a little and they’ll be hanging from your sides in minutes ! )

A special mention of ms.Stella mary ( or as I nicknamed her my “poonu kutti”/ little cat ) . She jumps around , smiling , cackling , hugging …tiny lil’ bundle of energy ! She’ll coax , charm , plead and do all sorcery possible to get your phone out of your pocket :-D
Can you suspect she has a congenital heart defect ?

The lil’ guy I met today ..shyly showing his drawings ( And awesome ones at that ! ) and then opening up slowly , flapping his hands enthusiastically and telling me how he wanted to be a scientist and build a rocket .
He had a pacemaker installed in his heart 3 days back ..
Karthi with his mischevious smile .. Richu-tichu-pichu jumping ,cuddling and fly kissing ( had an operation on his kidneys ) …Lokesh with those puffy cheeks and demure eyes .

Each one of them were in for something big …something that would scare the shit out of the capable “grown-ups” . Maybe it’s the ignorance or I dunno what … I am floored by how they face all their troubles !
Maybe this is something we should learn from children . I have always felt that children can teach us much much much more than books and our peers and our experiences .
Look at the sheer vitality , the ability to remain happy n chirpy and pumped up even in a morose place like a hospital ( look at the faces of ‘grown-ups’ who land up there ) .

The pediatrics ward teaches you much more than medicine ! It teaches you the very spirit and positivism that you need to boost up yourself . Take a little bit of that magic dust in your pocket when you leave the ward …and spread it over your other patients .
It will create MIRACLES  :-D


  1. i dont think its possible for us to be that positive anymore...growing up and familiarising with the world kills each and every bit of it! but trying never hurts does it? :)

  2. exactly ..keep that kiddo inside .
    For emergency purposes :-D

  3. And my dear, dear Akshay goes senti and sensible again!
    Beautiful post...I could feel your joy when I had called once and caught you here in one of these wards...
    It takes a special person to see things so special:-)

  4. ayyo .... *blush*
    thankyou hai ji :-D