Sunday, May 1, 2011


Kali could hear the rumbling ….far away .
‘It’s been so dry’ , she thought .
Her fingers felt scaly …drops of sweat trickled down her forehead …sometimes resting on her lashes as if taking a break , before falling to the ground .
The leaves felt so brittle … birds had been relatively silent .
Ah ! The dreadful summers … And yet , the feeling of lying on the hard mat on the ground , with that smell of wet grass from the cooler ….sometimes , it all seemed worth it.

She kicked the door open . The heated marble steps made her curl her toes and walk .
She literally skipped her way to the grassy lawn .
 ouch ! even the blades of grass seem to be rising against the weather .
She could dimly smell the flowers in the air . And yet , a different stronger smell reached her . The smell she knew she loved . Powerful , stinging yet intoxicating … the smell of grass when it first ….

It fell on her nose . She turned her head to the sky . so many of them bombarded down . sliding from her forehead , over the nose bridge … the eyelids forced half shut … The parched lips licking and soaking them all . She felt a naughty drop enter her ears .
And before she knew , her hands were open … and the rain hugged her .
That shirt clinging to her back , as if afraid of being washed away by the rain .
Her bosom heaving and falling  …that slant waist , like a puja vessel being washed for a ceremony .
Even the belly button was wet … as if the drops collected there form a steadily  trickling stream downwards .
The hands washing away tons n thousands of drops from her face and messing up those hair , that looked so elegantly draped moments back .
The skirt wrapped around her legs … that grass seems to have melted . She could feel rubble and the mud clinging to her soles .
She slipped and skidded a bit few times. But still danced .
The thundering clouds , her music …. And the mighty monsoon , her partner .
Twirl and twirl …and wave your hands wild ….till ,

“AAAH “ , She sat on the ground …
“KALI ! How many times have I told you …do not go out without your stick . You always forget where the trees are . Now get in , before you catch cold “

The stick , she felt too… wet with water  . And the bell she heard ..
But it was the joy she saw …. For it requires no eyes . 


  1. dude...amazing is the word...

  2. i loved the line ''the rain hugged her''...

    u make me proud beta....ur best ever work!!the descriptions ,the atmosphere ...totally awesome!

  3. my god have outdone yourself here...the amazing imagery and the rock with this one.
    and the end was equally satisfying!

  4. @maa- muuuuah ..muuuah ! :-D
    @suruchi - *blush* :P

  5. its not as if im readin this feeling it