Friday, May 13, 2011

Go on a "SELF DATE" :-D

So , when was the last time you looked around and thought , “Either shoot them my Lord , or let lightning strike me ! “
Or sat with an increasing headache … and desperately wanted to bang your head on the guy/gal in front of you
Or kept the phone 2 meters away from you and wish ..wish that Osama could’ve invented some technique to operate a “phone bomb”

Not to worry , my dear weirdos …
I introduce to you , the latest (self) invented technique of “SELF DATING “ .
Now , usually people say ,”I want to spend time with myself” .
What does that make you think ?
Lying on the bed …counting the spiders .
Sleeping like a log …
Coming out/sliding into something depressing …
Listening to sad songs ,with ‘daaru’ in hand …

But “Self date” is an exact opposite . All it requires is one evening of your time .
Here’s what you need to do …
1.Make sure you have reached the end limit of your tolerance .
2.take an evening off … DO NOT tell anyone about this .
3.Switch off your cellphone .
4. Now , here comes the main part
                                                      *******drum roll*******

Choose the place you like the most --->
The beach … A beauty saloon … Theatre …movies …book store …shopping places…restaurant .. bars …gaming places … ANY PLACE which makes you feel serene and quiet !
Go there ..and enjoy … take your favourite book , or your ipod  .Or if you prefer peace and quiet , go free handed .

The most important part of ‘self date’ is to realize how awesome you are .
For once , don’t feel lonely or over crowded or rejected .
Just be relaxed and carefree , noone around knows you .Give up pretences … stop thinking about everyone who apparently ‘matter’ . Enjoy being YOURSELF .

Get a manicure/pedicure ( or that “w” thing if you are into it ) .. feel the light sand between your toes .. cry/laugh with the movie … relish the good food or wine .
Buy that piece of jewellery /dress you were always hesitant about … ( trust me , it’s like the best mood elevator )
Maybe smoke a ciggi or something  ( although neither we nor the Health Ministry recommends this :-D )

It’s all about RECONNECTING with yourself .
One such evening and you’ll come back with a smile on your face …empty brain and in love with yourself .


  1. Now that is what is called a super date... nicely written man!

  2. my god...u are already a shrink...n a bloody good one too...i agree with everything u say here akshay and wish people follow this more...

    very good job done here, my friend:-)

  3. @suruchi - kisses ...lots of them !
    @prato - thanks man ! :-D

  4. this one has takn a special place in my heart...though I practice this bt aftr readin this ill do this more often :-)

  5. And you can have sex too ;-)

    Funny not intense :-)