Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do you BELIEVE that miracles happen ?

Yes , you read that right .
The big question is NOT whether miracles happen or not . 
The big question is , do you believe/see/perceive them happening ?

I was reading the chapter on complications of pregnancy .
Right from the moment a tiny sperm enters , to the moment this ‘bundle of joy’ *cough* is born … there are tons of obstacles , each one of them bent upon kicking the baby’s bum !
But even then , babies are born everyday .. (infact by the bushel in our India ) .
I consider it a miracle in itself !

The trouble is … our dear old Bollywood movies have narrowed our imagination ( which movies ALWAYS do … we’ll talk about that later ).
You only consider it a ‘chamtakaar’ if Karan Arjun come back to avenge their deaths .
Or Reena Roy sings ‘Shirid waale Sai baba’ and gets her eyesight back .
Or John Abraham actually ACTS in a movie ( oh wait … that one’s still in the pipeline )

But ,tiny things .. the fact that a plant grows fighting all odds and trauma …
Or you catch the bus you’d been running for …
Or you go upto your doctor and he tells you “aaaaal is well”
You drive on the road and come back safely every night …
Or the sheer fact that crap like ‘twilight’ actually sells …
Aren’t they all miracles in themselves ?
Insignificant ? yes . routine ? yes . But the point is …do we feel grateful for them ?
My ass !

My room caught fire last month . I wasn’t there … but from what I saw and heard later , the curtains went up in flames . So did the bed , the table , even the door to my books cupboard .
Not even ONE of my precious books caught fire .
Miracle ? Holy Jesus’ amma ! YES !

Maybe J.Krishnamurthi was right ! As we grow up , we seem to lose the open mindedness that we had when we were in booboo diapers .
We get too accustomed to society ..eager to play by their rules .. afraid of being labeled “weird” if we believe in any such phenomena .

And thereby … too tight assed to actually appreciate the ‘miracles’ .
Open the blinders on your eyes and see , my child  … and the more you’ll see , the more will come :)

Ps – God Lives In Food ! :D


  1. shit like twilight... Pretty subtle, tht. ;) :P

  2. So lets not be so tight ass-ed.We shall fart in public :D :D :D

    Good one!

  3. Holy cow!Your room was on fire...Oh yeah that was a miracle,alright!
    Yeah I do believe in miracles n m quite grateful that they exist!
    Nice post!

    Oh n Btw, Happy Diwali :)
    Do Take care...

  4. baba ji..this was was super cool, and no, not because of the holy amma cow, good lives in food and John Abrahim dig*which were awesome*

    it is such a simple yet beautiful chain of thoughts:-)

  5. super cool post... totally agree with u. ppl tend to forget the little everyday miracles while hunting for the major ones...